Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dead Rising 3 info from Comic Con

At comic con they showed a new video of Dead Rising 3 and it looks really good and crazy. It is ,for now, a exclusive Xbox One game.



  1. After about a years or so it would be released for everyone else. Kind of like the way the first one was first for the xbox than for everyone else.

  2. I didn't know this one look so good,its time to go back to company doing games just for one game system.

    1. No they can't do that because of the way the gaming companies are structured. In past maybe you could do that because they had people that could do 2 or 3 more thing like graphic and sound or this and that ,some company still have this where people just get thing done. But in most companies you do one job,if that job is to do sound,you do that then someone else does something else does something. Each person had specialty ,this is both good and bad,the bad is it now take a large number of people to do a game

  3. It will be for another game system after a years or so,if it makes money and the xbox one people stop buying(because after a year or so sells goes down) it they would have to release a good game elsewhere,PS4_The PC and Mac
    The only way to keep the money going would be to release part 2 for the xbox one only...

  4. it look really good...