Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lego Marvel Super Heroes at Comic Con

They announced a whole lot of new characters: Doom, Jean Grey, Elektra, Agent Coulson, Magneto, Silver Samurai, Punisher, Beast, Gambit, Storm, Green Goblin, Iron Patriot as a pre-order exclusive, Juggernaut, Squirrel Girl, Rhino, Thing, Vulture, Sabertooth, Invisible Woman, and Howard the Duck. 

That is not even half of the playable characters. There is also Stan Lee voiced by who else Stan Lee. He can swing on webs, fire heat vision, and turn into a grey headed hulk! There are also going to be some pretty famous voice actors like Nolan North for Deadpool.
Gameplay Trailer:


  1. Well A lego game.if you play Batman Lego you play this game Lego games was good except Harry Potter,Indian Jones.

  2. Good good great good great good great good

  3. Lego game are great even before they had a voice,they was still funny....

  4. I still want to know how old you are Alberto and your helper, Because I'm just a kid

    1. This ? has been answer!