Thursday, June 6, 2013

Revolution Review

revolution nbc Top Talkin About Revolution Will NBC Switch It Off

    Revolution is a show on NBC that asks the question: what would happen if all power went out? No TV, cars, lights, or even video games!!!!!!!! I bet some of us would go crazy definitely AlbertO. How would people react and how would life continue to grow? Revolution has a excellent idea, but it isn't executed well.
    When I watched the first episode, I disliked it. I thought it would be one of those shows that gets cancelled after the first season. But Revolution actually started to get better every episode. By the second season the plot is deeper and the characters have evolved(some of them) The acting was pretty bad ,at first, except for some standouts like Giancarlo Esposito who played Gus in Breaking Bad. The main character brings a poor performance and she does not improve like the other actors and actresses. Charlie Matheson is in the middle of everything with both her parents having something to do with the blackout. The story around her is good but she does not play the part well. She has evolved throughout the coarse of the show from a weak girl to a girl that will kill anybody that gets in the way of family. But her evolution is not anything great. On the other hand Monroe ( the main villain) plays a pretty good role and you see his sanity slip away even more every episode. He is a good character as well as Miles Matheson who stills the show from Charlie in both acting and character. The background behind Monroe and Miles is interesting and will keep you watching. Miles used to be the leader of the militia before Monroe. This brings a very deep character who is afraid to face his livelong friend, Monroe.
    It is pretty sad when I still don't know some of the characters names. For example I call Giancarlo Esposito's character Gus which was his name in Breaking Bad. You still feel for each character and hope that nothing bad happens to them. But when a main character dies you are sad for a few minutes, but you don't get the effect that the show is trying to portray. It is not like The Walking Dead were you get greatly devastated when a character dies.
    There is action in almost every episode and ,for the most, part it is choreographed well. But there can be some cheesy parts that make you laugh. And most of the time the enemies remind me of stormtroopers because they can't hit anything.  
   The plot gets more interesting and convoluted each episode as you learn more about why the lights went out. The story is good and there is a lot of mystery that keeps you watching. So don't get me wrong Revolution is good, but it could have been better. It does keep on getting better and better. There are so many interesting plot changes and enough interesting characters that make this show pretty good. I can't wait for season 3 and Revolutions gets a 7.5


  1. Yes they need some good actor on this show. PS the guy that play Gus on Breaking Bad is on the show. The only good actor on the whole show

  2. Its getting better...and people like the show because its still on the air.

  3. Human would adjust like we always had when civilization fall for one reason or another. Like when Rome fall human adjusted and change it took awhile to get thing going again but they did.It took them 500 years plus to regain the knowledge that Roman had and some of it we could never find again. Like making good cement,but in the Eastern Roman empire thing was still going good but it fall too and this cause a lost of trade route to a very hostile power Arabs empire. This cause the west to start looking for route to bypass port at Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) this leading to discovery route around Africa and the good old USA!!!
    PS I would be piss off if something like this happen. Just think of COD people no more playing COD or UC3 or WOW....
    Plus a lot of people would die because with trucks and modern machine to help grow food they would have to go back to the old way and this would mean less food,you could feed 100 billion people using the old way.This means build wooden ship again and going back to non GPS and old navigation which no one learned for years... Woops here I go again with another essay..
    Its a good show but it has some problems and other stuff but all and all its good show . Hey it beats some of the reality show that is on.