Sunday, October 7, 2012



    Now, I don't get the low ratings for this game. When you shoot a zombie in the head it will blow half his head off and you can see pieces of the zombie get blown away!! How great is that. and for the first time you can use melee attacks in RE 5 and other past RE games you can only use melee if something grabs you!
     You can buy upgrades to your guy like better accuracy, more ammo, and to remove the laser. You pick up money through out the whole game as you kill stuff,"Hey wait a min how do you kill something that is already dead?"( a statement from a old movie Return of the living Dead). There is not a case to store your stuff, but picking supplies is easier then before. They changed the way you save but I like the old  RE 4 save where you can save in one of many slots.There is only one game save per profile. You get a .45 to start out with and than later on I picked up a shot gun.There isn't that much ammo in the Leon part of the game the only part I'm playing through now I just got the game OCT 4 2012. So to save the ammo I was using the melee attacks which are good. I do wish there was less quicktime events and you could drive the car yourself.
    Your partner is kind of smart and does not get in your way or steal all the ammo and other goodies.You can play co-op which would be great so far I'm playing the game by my self .I have not played the online part of the game yet.

Many people gave this game a bad score and i don't understand why. I give this game a 8.0.
Come on people comment!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm going to rent this game and see for myself but the other one wasn't rated right so I can't go on rating,the only way is to rent it and play it for yourself.

  2. This is a good game but like all games there problem here and there

  3. The QTE are a pain in the ass. Why do they even put them in the game? They screw up the timing of the game.