Sunday, October 7, 2012

Games they need to make!

Alan Wake 2 A full game this time
Batman the killer!! With AKs and rockets and bombs!
Uncharted 4:For the PS4
Skyrim for PS vita
Red Dead!!!
Portal 3
Infamous 3 Cole lay an egg and it grow into another Cole when a electric cable fall on the egg! Hey its a idea howabout coming up with your idea!
Blaster Master!!
Only one FPS a year and not few hundred or make a very good one!!
LA noire: Cole reborn as a zombie and he is looking for some brain but he can't found them in LA.."me want to eat yours brains!"
Skyrim a good DLC for the PS3 and make yours own levels like on PC
A few good games for the Wii!
Re 6 for the WiiU
Spread the game out for the whole year and not release them all during christmas.
Albert the Great: A story about a guy looking for a good game to make but all he find  Duke Nukum!

any other ideas?


  1. Are you guy crazy? Cole lays eggs?La Noire is a good idea but howabout the women that Cole was doing, have his baby and he goes around and kill everyone!
    Blaster Master? What is this?
    There is already a good FPS and that is COD that is the only game that anybody would need!

  2. A unCharted game every year would be great! and Yes a Batman that use agun would be great.

  3. Alan Wake 2...This is the one to make

  4. A reboot of Infamous for the WiiU!