Friday, August 3, 2012

Max Payn 3 review

Max Payne was a cop in New York when someone from a gang ,he was investigating,  killed his wife and kid.After killing everyone in the gang ,Max left the police force. Now in Sao Paulo  ,the largest city in Brazil south America, where now he has a job protecting a rich man family (The  Branco.)  He drank a lot becoming a alcoholic. One day he screwed up and a member of the Branco family was taken!

All the bullet time is back but a little better.The pill taking Max is back.Killing alot of people is fun and violent. This game also has some good  cutscenes, voice acting, writing, and great sound effects! If you shoot at  something after while it will fall apart.You will be killed if you stay in one place for long.This one has a cover system and you will have to use it take some pills then get back in action.

The story is very linear and wont give you much choices. It also might feel repetitive to some people but the shooting is really fun and the repetitiveness wont be a big problem. The story is good with excellent dialogue even though it may be cheesy at times. Max Payne 3 overs a good story, different environments, and fun gameplay.

The online gameplay is fast, crazy and fun. The game offers great weapons to customize your load out as you gain points. The bullet time works well and you will need to use it to get the advantage.

Both the single player and online game play is great!
I give it a 9.0


  1. Its good that they make another great game in this series.

  2. The last game was better!

  3. No this is a better game than Uncharted,COD,RE and Battlefield