Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PsVita review


1. Its easy to navigate and use.
2. Screen looks amazing. Videos and games look excellent for a handheld.
3. Touch screen is really responsive. It works better then my phone at times!
4. The sound is really good on games and apps
5. You can send messeges to friends on ps3
6. Trophies are well organized and you can look at ps3 trophies
7. Party is something everyone wants on their ps3 but the vita has it!
8. Welcome park is a fun way to get you used to the controlles.
9. You can use near to see want other people around you are playing. Its easy to use.
10. Ps store is well layout.


1. Fits akward in your hands but you can get used to this.
2. The camara is not good at all
3. Does not take long before you have to charge it agian.
4. Memory cards are so small and expensive.
6. There is not much to do with remote play and cross compatibility
7. Not a lot of games

This is a really good system and in my opinion one of the best handhelds. Its almost like a mobile ps3. The problem is that its competing with phones which have cheap good games. Although the games on the vitas are a much bigger experience; people wont want to pay the cash! If the price went down it wouls probably sell alot better because it is actually a really good system.

Please comment and tell us if you agree or disagree. If you have a vita, planning on getting one or you just dont want one!



  1. I think I'm going to hold off buying this system until the price drops.

  2. I going to get the 3DS!

    1. Cool i haven't played that one yet but alberto was thinking about getting it!