Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some AC 3 photos

The weather play a very important role because in this condiditon you can't walk or walk very fast and this would impact how you would handle certain thing like going after your target what ever your target is a deer or a human!

Connor is shooting a human in the leg,

Connor is conflicted because he is a native american ,he wants to get rid of all outsider and he wants to fight in the war between the co and England but he is a assassia and he is after the templer.And they wan control over the America which at this time is cortrol by Great Britian which was at this time was fight France and France sent guns and personal to help us fight the english

                                              You can now climb on mountians

                                        I think you can run through buildings for a chase breaker kind of                                             like in multiplayer
He is going to have some more devices like a grabble type thingy
Show Connor taken down 2 guys

                                         Conner can now take down people on the go.
There is Connor taken down a Templer are redcoat, we dont know

Release date: October 2012 I cant wait. Please comment and dont forget to comment on the e3 awards we would like to hear your opinions.


  1. Release this game today.Right Now!

  2. Just a few more month to go! I need a job.anyone know where a kid 10 years old can find a job?

  3. This is the game i am most looking foward to. The thing is that im like you and need money! Games are so expensive and theres also about 5 other games i want to get:( I dont think 3 dollars will get me anythinglol