Sunday, July 29, 2012

Harley Quinn's Revenge(Spoiler Alert!)!!!!!!

Harley Quinn's Revenge ( Sorry, we always try to be spoiler free but it is really hard to write this without sharing the ending)

Batman Arkham City is one of the best super hero games ever made(we gave it a 9.9) so I was happy to see some story based DLC. Games need to make DLCs more like this because it expands on the story and thats what players want. After the devastating and sad ending of Arkham city; all we want to know is what happens next. But this DLC does not really answer any questions but expands a little on the story. Harley Quinn wants revenge after her love died. Batman has gone missing so you actually get to play as Robin! This is one of the highlights of the DLC because i wanted to play as robin in the campiagn but never got to. It is fun because Robin has is own set of gadgets and this offers some different combat, traversal, and stealthy moves. After this the story swithces between playing as Robin and Batman. Batman is different know after he failed to save his arch nemesis live. The problem is that the ending is not satisfying at all and most of the gameplay we have seen already. The DLC is good but way to short. I was actually disapointed that a spent 10 dollers on this and it only had about 2 hours worth of gameplay and thats only if you like to look around alot. Dont get me wrong it is good but i might wait for the price to drop down before you get it.

Batman Arkam City Easter Eggs

There are many secrets in Gotham here are a few we found and please tell us of any others in the comments.

1. Harley's baby: There are a few hints about this. First is Harley's song after the credits
Second is the pregnacy test found on the ground

2. Scarcrow: He was a main villian in the first game but wasen't in the second. Altough there are many things you can find speculating that scarcrow will be in a future game or DLC.

1st is scarcrow's mask found in Arkham city

2nd The hidden messege. If you search around in Batman's little open the doors device. You will find someone saying a set of numbers. You will find that the secret message is from Scarcrow himself

3rd The secret room. There is a secret room in a boat that has a dead guy in a chair and cockroaches swarming the place. This gives the clue that scarcrow might use the cockroaches to deliver his fear guys to everyone in gotham.

this is where it is

The Next Batman Game

There has been a lot of rumor and speculation about a new Batman game and im here to tell you that we dont know anything!!! I think it is pretty obvous that there is going to be a new one because this one sellled well and there is many unanswered questions. My ideas is maybe the main villian being Scrawcrow or Harley's baby. There is also rumor that Batman will go back in time to where he first met Joker and the Justice league will be involved. Remember these are just speculations and we real give you any info we find.

Please comment and go see batman the dark knight rises it is a really good movie!


  1. Its was a good movie and you are right this is a short DLC,

  2. I think if they ever have another DLC make it last 20 hours!