Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Amazing Spider man Review

If you haven't seen the movie yet then dont get this game. It spoils everything including who lives and who dies. But if you dont care about spoilers it is actually a pretty good game. They go back to the old spider man 2 formula and overall it was succesfull. The story is based after the movie when cross species are released infecting everyone and Smyth (new head at Oscorp) builds evil robots to stop the infection. Of course it is Spideys job to save the day. The story is ok if you saw the movie. You will want to play till the end so you can see what happens. The graphics are good when you are swinging around the city but once you get inside it changes. Most of the missions are based either in Oscorp or the sewers but it all seems the same. The good news is that the city is outstanding with different buildings and good graphics. Yes, there are side missions but they get boring because it is the exact same mission over and over agian. So there is not much to do when free roaming around the city except for collecting the 700 comic book pages! One side mission i liked was when you had to take pictures of a event in the city. Some clue on some famous spider man villians. The game really makes you feel like spider man, the swinging is easy and fun. All the controls are really easy and I like that. You can use web brush to slow down time and pick the next place you want to swing too. This is a good addition and will help you get out of any hard situations. Combat is just a bad copy of Arkham City. You can hit and press the button to dodge at the right time. It is fun but really easy maybe a little to easy. Sometimes it feels like the game is playing itself. Spider man also copies batman when it comes to stealth. The badguys are surprisingly smart and will look for you. Spidey is very weak so you will find that taking on guys with guns head on is a bad idea. There are some really cool moments in the game including boss fights. It may look cool but most of the time it feels like you are not in control. Sure there are a few bosses that stand out.

Overall this game is actually ok so it gets a 7.0 I would recomend renting it! Maybe not buying unless you are a huge spider man fan.

You get to play as Stan Lee if you pre order the game


  1. He is so weak....Not my kind of game .Only COD

  2. This is a great comic book hero game.He was never the strogest guy,he use his speed and his jumping to beat the bad guy