Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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xbox 360

xbox people:few games announced ,they show off a little movie clip about Halo 4.Its about time they go back to master chi.fm, the movie show some game play both single player and they show off some online game play also..They announced they  was the biggest seller of game system this year!.They show off Ubisofts Splinter Cell:Blacklist,which I was very happy to see.They show some act game play.For the single player.And they announced online game play as well!
Taking place after Conviction, the US president has closed the corrupt Third Echelon and replaced it with the newly formed Fourth Echelon. The president has promoted Sam Fisher as the leader and founder of the organization. Now Sam Fisher must track a group of rogue nations that have had enough of the United States’ military presence in their countries and The Blacklist provides a countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. assets.
Blacklist introduces a new gameplay mechanic called killing in motion, allowing the player to highlight targets and take them out in quick succession, with a new fluidity while on the run. As well, there will be voice integration with Xbox’s Kinect peripheral, which will allow gamers to say things to distract enemies and then attack.
They announce that Kinect can be used with FIFA 13.Yahooo, boring ! Because I don't play sport games.
Kinect would be used is just about every sport game that EA is putting out.OK another Madden football game Madden 13!Kinect can be used with  Fable:The Journey.(this xmas 2012)I do hope you can used just the old controller!!! or I'm not going to buy the game.Why are you doing this? Using the Kinect doesn't make it great game? Come stop doing what the Wii already does....Only the best game are on the xbox 360! or that is what they said!
They doing another Gear of War! This is before Gear of War 1,2 and 3(the last game you'll remember?)
A car racing game movie clip of Forza Horizon out this Oct 23,2012.It show some great looking cars and locations and driving at night time! They talk about all the entertainment and  using your voice to control yours xbox 360 and to call up to search for a certain movie or song and to play them by just telling yours xbox 360 to do it!They announced new provider for music, sport,tv and movies.Like watching your farvitor sports team on yours xbox360 and etc!Kinect training to do at home! Where are the game at?
They announced xbox SmartGlass ( again this is what the wiiU is doing.) you can used your Ipod, window phone,smart phone and etc to used as a 2nd scereereeeeeeee.They show how this would work on Madden,Halo 4 where you can look at the design of a space ship etc or the make your game play for madden.
They show some game play of Tomb Raider another game I'm looking forward to!It show Lara Croft as a young women and it show her where she has to kill some,using bow and arrow and shotgun.It looks like they got the control right.This is a reboot of this game series.They announced new DLC only for the xbox 360!
They announced new game (download)  _Ascend :New Gods,LocoCycle (2013)from the Twisted Pixel people , and Matter2013.
 Resident Evil 6  was show with game play and look the zombie are back and it look like they have the right controls.It shows some quick time controls and other improvements. I'm going to get this game anyway.you would be able to pick from other playable people like Chris or Wisker son and yes wisker had a son!And DLC for the xbox360.
another Kinect title Wreckateer(this summer! Again stop it with the Kinect thingy!South Park game,Another Dance 3 game.
Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 game clip.They also show game play from the game and some new guns since this game is set in 2022. I like the the gun where you can see through stuff and shot the people.You also control your own robots and take control of a airplane and fly it yourself..

Their E3 show


EA_shows a movies clip of their games and than they show Co-Op game play of Dead Space 3 .There is also single player gameplay plus drop in or out online games play.It show you on a very cold planet,this time you are out side and inside.The old one only had game play you was in space ship or city in space very confine spaces.They show you fighting a big space creature and it show the creature eat you but now you have to fight you Way through this big creature and come out another way!! I leave this up to you the way they will make it out of this big creature!
They show Maddan football .They are using a new game engine and now it will consider the guy's mass.Story lines and career mode.You can post you're result on facebook, twiiter,you can control your team from your PC,Ipod and etc!Whom knew that they was going to announced another football game!!
Simcity for the PC,you can build everything you need for yours city!
Battlefield 3-They have 50 million people playing this game online.They announced battlefield _premium memberships($49) for the PS3,you get new weapon, and  5 new maps other stuff 2 week before anybody else.They show a movie clip about these 5 new map packs.
Bioware and Starwar :Old Republic and addition new DLCs.Adding new PPP mods and new spices and a new planet.You can play up to level 15 for free! and they show another movie about the new DLCs.,Coming this July!
Medal of Honor;War Fighter: They have real world conflict every  game section.The game play look good.And muilt player in 12 different  war until from 10 different nation!
They announced another sports game Soccer (FIFA13)game  for Ipod  and Iphone and other phone ._WHO cares?
They pick the UFC license this meant that EA controls all sports games. Is this what they called it when one company controls everything,its late,I think of this later on.
They show a car racing game :Need for Speed:Most wanted.The cars look good and your car can get damage.Plus online game play...They show some real game play..Release Oct 30
CryTek show Crysis 3 with both single play and online game play Released Feb 2013.OhNO!! that is when Bioshock 3 is  due to be out what will I do??? Crysis 3 is  fro the PC,PS3 and xbox 360 The game play look sick...
For EA video

Show off Castlevania:Lord of Shadow 2 for the xbox360,PS3 and Castlevania :Lords of Shadow Mirror for the 3DS.We already show the video for the xbox360 and PS3 version and it look greatDon't read if you hadn't play the whole game
The story is expanded in two DLC packs titled Reverie and Resurrection and both episodes take place in between the ending and the epilogue.Reverie has Gabriel returning to Carmilla's castle to contain an ancient evil, the Forgotten One, with the help of Laura who is also a playable character that assists Gabriel in some sequences of the DLC. Before entering a portal into the Forgotten One's prison, Laura tells Gabriel he cannot enter it in his mortal form and dies after she has Gabriel drink all of her blood, which turns him into a vampire. During Resurrection,[the Forgotten One aspires to destroy the humans' world, but he is defeated by Gabriel who claims his power for himself. Corrupted by the Forgotten One's power, Gabriel destroys his Combat Cross and leaves through the portal. In a post credits scene after the main game's ending, Zobek is seen alive during modern times, and has uncovered Gabriel living out an immortal life as a vampire, now calling himself Dracul. Zobek mentions the acolytes of Satan are preparing for his return and that they must stop him before he takes revenge on both of them.Before Gabriel disappears, Zobek tells him he will free him of his immortality if he helps him.

This is where Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2 begin.This is the other game on my list to get,Maybe even the 3DS one too.
Castlevania Lord of Shadows: the mirror is the 3DS game that goes back to the old 2.5 D game play style which is ok with me as long as the game plays good.And from the video it does have good  game play and good creatures design.
They had some more games...


They show off the WiiU and a new game controller that look like xbox or PS3 controler..You can used two of the WiiU's  game controller (with touch screen controller)at one time.This must be good idea because everyone is copying this idea. By Nintendo always comes up with good ideas,they introduced the Rumble Pak, which everyone uses today.They came out with the full motion controls and now everyone is doing it,Come on people design yous own stuff instead of copying poor Nintendo.They did show of the control of the ZombiU game which looks good.It show you using the game controller as agun sight!They finilly getting on the H Def gaming and doing online stuff which they do need some help just look at the Wii online thingy and you see what I mean!
UBIsoft is make game for the new system plus it would get Darksider as the launch title.They did show some more games.

For the video about Nintendo show goto their web site


  1. Yes a Call of Duty game ,Take take you Battlefield guys

  2. Castlevania:Lords of Shadows 2 great game!

  3. Nintendo,come on please have some good games for yours next games system.I'm getting very tired of supporting you and have no real hard core games.