Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Cause 2

    Do you ever want to stand on the top of  a plane while its zooming through the air or connect a person to your car and drag him along. Well Just Cause 2 is your change. If you want to get this game don't expect a good story with good missions, because this game does not have that. You get your missions from three different factions basically telling you to do the exact same thing. It may at first be fun but soon you will get bored with the repetitive gameplay. So if you want a good campaign this game does not have it ,but it does have awesome free roam where you can do almost anything.
    The map is gigantic with several different environments with fun easter eggs for you to find. You have so many fun things to do with your faithful grappling hook that can pretty much hook onto anything. As i said you can do almost anything like making a grandma drive you while several cops come after you. You may also like to fall down a waterfall or drive of a enormous mountain and still live. The game does come with a lot of flaws including dumb AI. The enemies and pedestrians are really stupid. Some examples: the enemy will drive you in their boat if you get in the gun. They will also drive up on land with their boat then explode. Just Cause 2 is filled with glitches which is not always bad because it makes it fun to play around with those glitches! Let me just say the physics don't make any since in this game but again that's what makes it fun.I thought i might just note that one time i was sky diving and got my face stuck in concrete then suffocated to my death.Just an interesting fact!
    It would be cool if this game had online free roam but besides the point this game is really enjoyably and fun.
Just don't expect a campaign but the free roam definitely makes up for that. Just Cause 2 gets a 7.0

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