Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Captain America Super Soldier

    Super hero games have had a history being sucky, (except for Batman Arkham Asylum, and City) expecially ones based of off movies. The Captain America Super Soldier game is from the Captian America movie so everyone thought it would be just horrible. People(not everyone)was delightfully surprised when they rented this game and found it was half way decent. WHAT? WWWWWOOOOOOWWWW! ITS A SUPER HERO MOVIE GAME THAT IS ACTUALLY GOOD.
The setting is based in WWII like the movie was, but it has a totally different story. This is good because the story is actually ok and the graphics make it feel like you are in that time period. The gameplay is very repitative but you never lose interest. Now you will, get annoyed by the puzzles you have to do so Cap can get through a door. It is the same thing each time and later on they get hard and seems like a waste of time. You are Captian America you dont want to do puzzles you want to bust someone's head open with a shield. The combat is very similar to the batman games and it works. It is very smooth and the moves are easy to perform. This definently does make you feel like a super soldier. You can throw your sheild during combat and even use a enemies gun to your advantage. Cap is known for his agility and acrobatic skills and you can perform those in the game just not how you would have hoped. You get no freedom at all during platforming sequences. There is a marker showing you where to jump and you have to press the botton at the right time. This works pretty smooth I just would have hoped for some more freedom. There is also many items for you to collect maybe to much. It is just a lot of random things that you dont care about.

This is definently a great momment in gaming because Cap has pulled of a super hero movie game that dosen't totally suck. Its not great but it is also not horrible. Captian America Super Soldier gets a 6.0

Review of Thor and Iron man

These games are extremely horrible some of the worst games I've played except for maybe Duke Nukem Forever. This two games get a -5 (make note of the negative sign lol)

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  1. Duke Nukem Forever will go down in the history book!