Monday, March 19, 2012

Homefront Review

   In the not that distant future Korea takes over and a group of resistance fighters decide to fight back. As you can see Homefront does not offer a good story, well actually it has a horrible story. The plot does not go anywhere and you are never interested in what happens next. The campaign is super short with an awful ending. When the credits roll you get really frustrated because you just paid well spent money on a short campaign with a lousy story.


The gameplay is not any different from the million other 1st person shooters. But it is still enjoyable and fun with solid controls. Homefront has everything you want in a military based shooter. You can control drones, fly helicopters, play through awesome cinematic 
moments, and of course shoot people.

 A bad thing is that the game does not offer a wide variety of weapons to use.Also let me tell you that the helicopter scene is really unrealistic. For example you can fly on the road as if you were driving a car. Don’t get me wrong the shooting is decent and the campaign offers relaxing moments that gives you a break from the constant shooting. Just if they spent more time on the story and graphic performance. Yes, the graphics are not that good either.

   Luckily the game offers multiplayer after you spent a few hours on the short campaign. The multiplayer mode does not disappoint. It is fun and well designed. Each map is large and offers an all new set of environments to play in. Battle points are introduced and it's a good concept. Once you gain enough you can respawn with a special weapon, drone, the ability to call in a airstrike, or even vehicles.


 The multiplayer is what saved this game from getting a really low score. Homefront gets a 5.5


  1. It was a fun game but it still had some problem.
    Thanks for the site

  2. It had good online play until I play Uncharted 3.I got it because of this site and others

  3. I like the online game play.Its the best part of the game