Tuesday, March 20, 2012

crysis 2

Crysis 2 Review
Crysis 2 is not your ordinary shooter. It is set in 2023 when aliens take over New York City. Nobody can seem to stop them except for one man. After Profits death the nanosuit 2 is given to Alcatraz, our new hero. The story is good except you will probably get bored with it. The dialogue is not engaging and the characters have no emotion.
Crysis 2 did succeed in their promise of creating excellent visuals. The graphics are amazing how the sun shines and the rain pours down. They both look exceptional. The controls are difficult to get used to, but you will get the hang of it. Even tough the stealth and armor buttons may get mixed up. The gameplay is what makes a game and this has it. The nanosuit 2 has so much power, you have super strength, speed, and agility. It also has a stealth and armor modes. These powers are fun and really make you feel like a super soldier. The stages are designed to give you freedom on how to advance. That’s the beauty of Crysis combat. You can avoid the enemies altogether, stealthily take them out, climb up to a sniping position, or just go guns blazing. The guns are designed well and there is a large variety of them. The great thing is that you can upgrade your guns right there during gameplay. You can do the same with the nanosuit, this makes the upgrading easy and fast. If there is one thing to complain about it is that you may get tired of the nanosuit constantly telling you that the stealth and armor mode has been activated.
Crysis also has a multiplayer mode. This does not disappoint. Everyone has a nanosuit which means you can do everything you could do in the campaign. For example you can turn invisible, kick cars, and have advanced armor. This is fun and is a different way to play online. Multiplayer also encourages you to stop camping because you have to grab the dog tag that the enemy drops.
Crysis 2 is a great experience and that’s why I give it a 8.7


  1. Yes a good game. It should had been giving a 15!

  2. They are making part 3 right? I do hope so.

  3. They are! I should post something about it...