Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ready for a good old game? But with updated graphic? You have this and more. In Sonic Generations.For you guy that is old enough to remember Sega came out with Sonic to go after Mario Brother. Both of these two game when neck to neck and they both won many gamer hearts.
Sonic Generations taps into the nostalgia of two decades of Sonic fans, who, against all odds, have shown their love for the blue blur. The story, while largely superfluous, is an homage to Sonic games of the past. The twin hedgehogs battle against an unknown force trying to destroy time itself. They relive each others' memories, zooming through iconic stages from nine different Sonic games. It's almost like SEGA rebooted the entire franchise, and caught you up on 20 years of hedgehog with a single game.

Neither Sonic is perfect however. At times the Classic version can feel floaty, and his Modern counterpart can stop dead in his tracks with every minor error. But these feel like small complaints compared to the exhilaration of playing a Sonic game that never stops the action to make you battle with stretchy arms. Bouncing between the two distinct modes does sometimes cause mishaps, though; it's easy to forget that 2D Sonic lacks his 3D counterpart's homing attack, leading to some incidental ring loss and occasional deaths. Likewise Modern Sonic has a limited boost meter instead of a spin dash.
I give it 8.4


  1. I just got Sonic because of this site and others.I never play the old one but I might want it now.What system do I need to get the very first Sonic?

    1. The very first Sonic game came out on the Sega Genesis.But now days you can just download them from the PSN or Xbox Live services. Or you can track down a old Genesis from E Bay or a Pawn shop.