Monday, February 27, 2012

Games I like(not in order)

1) Resident Evil
2) Bioshock
3) Silent Hill
4) Castlevania (The old 8bit,a few of the 16 bit,Lords of Shadows the newest one that got it right in a few areas)
5)Sonic games(The Old ones and the newest one)
7)Tomb Raider(There was a few that was very bad and a few that was done right but on the whole it was done right.I just hope the new one is done right!)
8)Devil May Cry
9)God of War
10)Assassins Creed
11)Gears of War
13)Super Mario Brothers
14) Master Blaster
15)LA Noire
16)Portal 2

17)Batman(arkham asylum and city)
18)Red dead redemption
 19)Alan Wake





  1. Master Blaster? What system is that from? What was it about?

    1. Its was a old 8 bit Nintendo's game title. Its was about a kid name Jason who pet frog jump into a hole to the underworld.Jason decide to go after his belove pet and go to his father building where he found this tank looking thing but it can drill a hole to the underworld.Jason found a whole world,you upgrade your self since you have to wear a suit like a astronaut and your tank by beating monsters. OK the story is crazy but it was a good game for those days. Now I know if you have a Wii you can download a updated version of this game.I know they done a version for the 16 bit Sega Genesis.It was made by Sunsoft.I'm not sure they are still around these days..

  2. Its this your list or your helper? You should do a list for your favorite games in order of how you like them! Thanks for this site and for your other site with the space out photos.

    1. The list comes from me and alberto's favorite games. We tried to do the list in order but it was to hard because they are all great games!