Friday, February 24, 2012

Batman Arkham city review (for xbox 360, ps3, and PC)

Batman Arkham Asylum was ,for sure, the best Batman game ever made. Now that the sequel is out has it lived up to the expectations left from the last game? I am glad to report that it does with improvements on every aspect of the game.
This time instead of being stuck in Arkham Asylum you get to explore Arkham City, a blocked of part of Gotham used as a gigantic prison. Hugo Strange has something planed for the prison and it is Batman’s job to stop it. But it will be difficult, because Arkam City is filled with about every enemy in batman’s history. Including Mr. Freeze, Zaask, the penquin, and much more. This time around the game encourages free roam. It does pay to do this because there are thousands of riddler trophies to be found. The prison is filled with many side missions so it is easy to be overwhelmed and forget what’s going on in the main story.
The city is very well designed with every building and street being different. There cant be a great city in a game without great graphics ,and Arkham City has outstanding graphics. Each character also has good animations with extraordinary voice acting. The Joker blows everyone out of the water.
Now lets get to the important part, the gameplay. The combat is the best I have seen in a game. It is always fun to beat up ruthless crooks with batman’s exceptional fighting skills. Stealth also returns and its super fun to play these parts. You have some new, interesting gadgets to use. Also you have a new character to play as: Catwomen. She is a good addition to the game and has her own style of taking care of business.
This game is amazing and one of the best super hero games of all time!!!
That’s why it gets a very well deserved 9.9


  1. I always like Batman.Its about time, they done a great job on this game.

  2. I like the way Batman fights.It look like he is breaking the guy arms and back at times.
    I don't think the Joker is really dead.

    1. Dude! Why did you do this? Telling us about the Joker