Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Uncharted 4 thing

Its Great!
The online game play is great but older game had more . Like co-op etc.
They change the shot need for you to die in online games after the update!
Its great 9.7 rating
Now one thing guy I just got the PS 4 a while ago.
The E3 show ! Has come and gone. The Sony show had new games.And they show Resident Evil  7 demo which can be upload  to your PS4.One thing its just to show off some idea that might make into the real game.Its show off the new game engine.The real game would be very different.
Nintendo had just Link and Pokemom game for the 3DS
And MS announce the Xbox S and some old game to remake or redo!
That is it. By


  1. Yes I like the short review! Its good to see that you guys are back.

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