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The Games of E3 2015

E3 is almost here. A lot of people can see it first hand while others get the luxury of watching the crappy streams on the computer. That would be me and AlbertO, but don't worry we will keep you informed like we do every year. That means our eyes will be glued to the computer for some time, Its all for your and our love of games, of course.

Here are the shows and what we expect:

Bethesda June 14

This is Bethesda's first E3 show, and we are expecting something great. The first thing everyone is thinking of is Fallout 4. They have a right to be and we would be extremely surprised if it didn't happen. When its announced(yes, I'm saying when not if) there will probably be a live action trailer....Boo! But, if were lucky we will get some live gameplay... now that would be awesome! Skyrim is something else expected from Bethesda, and we could be getting a new entry for the series ,but I don't think so. It seems unlikely since Skyrim online just came out. What we may get from Skyrim will probably be a trailer of sorts for Skyrim online on consoles. Lastly, Dishonored 2 seems like a viable option for Bethesda. It's been the right amount of time and the first one got a lot of good reception. That's what I think will happen at the Bethesda show and maybe a new ip, that would be nice.

Microsoft June 15

I have high hopes for this show. Xbox is trying to bridge the gap between them and PS4 and they might do it with an impressive lineup of games. There is so much to look forward to going into this show. First is the big Xbox exclusives. It would be a crime without showing some Halo 5 Guardians. I am also expecting a look at the next Tomb Raider and hopefully some gameplay. Forza is highly expected as well as something from Gears of War. Now for some new things: Rare has been working on a mysterious project and I'm looking forward to that, and just the other day it was announced that a new ip will be shown. Another game we will probably see is Qantum Break which is one of my most anticipated games. Expect a few things none game related. Something dealing with entertainment and the sorts. This shows why Sony may be in trouble this year. There are going to be so many good games for Xbox while Sony looks to be shy on the game department this year, but we never know whats going to happen!

EA June 15

EA hasn't been doing very good, but there are tons of games coming that should get people excited. First being Mass Effect 4. It is VERY likely that we will see this at the EA show. All we have gotten so far are very small glimpses of the game. It's time for them to go all out with a huge reveal. It would make me very mad if some Star Wars Battlefront gameplay wasn't shown. They need to show some awesome gameplay to get fans re-interested after the whole thing about no space battles, no iron sights, small amount of maps, and small amount of players. Also expect to see many sports games. Now we move into what might happen: Titanfall 2 would be great to see and now it is no longer an exclusive. Lastly Visceral games has been working on a secret Star Wars project with the person from Naughty Dog doing the writing. It is rumored that this is going to be a Han Solo game, and that would be outstanding.

Ubisoft June 15th

Ubisoft ,like always, is looking to be disappointing. There are really only three game expected from them. THREE GAMES! I hope they will have something new and interesting for us, but for now here are those three games. Expect a large showing for Assassins Creed Syndicate, they have a lot to prove after Unity. If you want to learn more about the new AC game head here:  Our AC Syndicate reveal coverage.  The Division is a strong title for Ubisoft. I'm looking forward to a large gameplay segment. Rainbow six Seige also looks to be interesting but nothing that special. There you go, the three games from Ubisoft!

Sony June 15

Sony's press conference is very out in the open. From what we know they don't have a lot of games planned. That doesn't mean they won't surprise us with a lot of titles, in fact I hope they do. It's pretty obvious that there will be some Uncharted 4 shown, hopefully a long gameplay demo that features some cool new additions to the game. Speaking of Uncharted it would be cool if they announced a trilogy remaster for the ps4 with an exclusive Un4 multiplayer beta. There will most likely be some more of No Man's Sky which looks very good. Lastly Until Dawn will probably be shown. Those are the last of the heavy hitters we know about. The rest of the show will probably be filled with indies and Project Morpheus. I hope I'm wrong and they come out with a slurry of games. The Last Guardian maybe!

Nintendo June 16

Nintendo hasn't been doing very well in the past E3 shows. There is this mysterious Nintendo NX floating around, but they will not show it untill 2016.  That means they will talk about WiiU and 3Ds games. They said that no Legend of Zielda will be shown either. This isn't looking very promising! What we do know is that Mario Maker, Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Yoshi's Wooly World will make an appearance.

Square Enix June 16

This is their first ever E3 show and that means they are planning something big. All they have said is wait and see when asked the question what games will you be showing. We can only speculate that they will show off Kingon Hearts 3. Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness may be presented being 6 years since the last game. Dues Ex mankind has already been announced so I wouldn't be surprised if they have some gameplay prepared. Finally Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn will probably be a part of their show. I have to be honest, I have not played many Square Enix games, but I do know they have a big fan base and develop some good games. Hopfully this will be a treat for those fans.

Side note:

This is shaping up to be a really good E3. This is a year of firsts. Speaking of first PC gaming is also getting a press conference on June 16. AlbertO and myself don't know anything about PC gaming hence the lack of coverage on this blog. That doesn't mean we are against it; in fact we are not biased agianst any platform of gaming. We just don't have access to PC games. That being said if you want PC news from E3 this is not the place to look. If we could find a third person that's into PC gaming this would be a different story but so far no one has agreed to help us. I'm sorry if your a PC gamer, nothing agianst it, we just wouldn't be giving accurate news with the limited knowledge we have.

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