Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Assassins Creed syndicate Revealed




Assassins Creed is going into the industrial revolution. This offers new gameplay mechanics and technology. Syndicate will have the first ever "vehicle" in the form of a chariot. Trains are also used ,but it's unclear if it will just be fast travel or if you can actually ride in it. I do know from the trailer that you can fight on top of trains which seems pretty cool. This location offers new gameplay mechanics that Assassins creed is in dire need off. Remember how your supposed to be an Assassins so its kind of funny when your walking through the streets with huge hammers and a mysterious hood. In this game you wear a top hat when not in stealth mode. This top hat surprisingly makes you look like any other civilian. When ready to go all out Assassin put on the hood- its that simple. Syndicate focuses on concealed weapons. That means no more swords. It also means you are actually like an Assassins and have some cool new weaponry.  We get to see some of these in the trailer and it looks pretty cool. These include a kukri, throwing knifes, hidden blades, revolver, and wrist gauntlets. The most impressive new tool is the grapple hook which reminds me of batman. This can be used to climb up buildings or create your own path. The main weapon will be your fist which is a big change to Assassins Creed. The main character is Jacob but you will also be able to play as her sister. Other characters will include the likes of Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. The biggest announcement is that the game won't have any multiplayer so the developer can focus on making the game polished. This is good news after the disaster that was Unity.
The first thing we see from the gameplay is a glimpse at Jacob's personality.  Ubisoft has struggled with making a character as likable as Ezio, but with the few minutes we saw of Jacob he seems to stand a change. I hope they can get the brother sister dynamic right because that would be a good representation of our new protagonists. Next we get to see in game footage. I know it said pre alpha but the chariots seem buggy and if you look at some of the civilians they also seem buggy. Overall I wasn't that impressed with the gameplay video. All the new weapons and technology seem cool as well as the idea of being a gang leader but something seemed off. It seemed a little clunky. This shows through the combat. That ally you rescued was no help at all(like always) and even pointed his gun at you.  I'm probably being to nitpicky;I guess I'm still on my Unity rage! Some things I did like was the music, path on the ground when in a chariot, and that bad ass grapple gun thingy. Now that's cool! The gameplay seemed clunky but I love all the new techhnology, and gameplay mechanics such as concealed weapons. It's still very early and I hope this gets a strong showing at E3. I've been waiting for a AC game to surpass AC 2 and this could be the one. As long as Ubisoft does it right!!!

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  1. Dude They had show through out the whole series that they aren't interested in make a game without bugs.This games series should be 98% bug free. Now COD 2 is a great game