Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Walking Dead show 2

OK I told you guy this the Rick was right about going and killing all the people from Terminus but the people said you don't have to worry about them. You see what happen poor Bob's lost his leg!! I think the reason why Bob was crying was he got bitten by the walker at the food bank. I think after this the group would go after the hunter. Like in the comic books Rick  kills them all!
You also see that Rick  know that Tara Chambler used to be with the Governor 2 nd attack group that destroy the jail. Tyreece don't want Carol to tell them about Lizzie and  Mika. Remember Lizzie was a crazy kid she kill her sister and she was the one feeding the walker at the jail.Also Tara told Maggie that she was with the Governor group. Carl had also change a lot he when from someone that would just shoot someone to saving people like Gabriel Strokes. You see when all this walker stuff hit this good old guy locked the door to the church and there for people was kill.Did you see people try to get into the church from the thing Carl find!This was the show for people to get catch up. Rick decide to go to Washington DC! I was expecting more of a fight between Rick and Abraham. I think Carol want to leave the group,she was ready to leave until they saw the same car that took Beth. Any way I might do more whenever I feel like it
What will happen the next show Rick and com will have to deal with  Gareth and his people and I think Rick will win with him killing Gareth with a red handle machete!!!LOL I will have some pic later on I just wanted to get this done just after watching the show.

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  1. Just CRAZY!!!!! I'm not sure about the tracking !