Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crazy A's Talk: The Walking Dead No Sanctuary (spoilers)

         OK, the last episode had our group back together in a railroad car. I was kind of disappointed  when Rick had to say  "they screwing with the wrong people" what he wanted to say is "they fucking with the wrong people" they had to use the word screw because the FCC would have beeped them out .Its kind of like watching Breaking Bad when they were beeped out. Come on FCC take your head out of your ass for a minute and listen to kids they already know the fuck word. Come on the FCC don't have a problem with them raping, killing, or even ripping people's throats out. I think the FCC should be closed down and allow people and TV shows to say what the fuck they want too. All the kids already know every bad word..... PS I heard at comic con New York that the BlueRay DVD version of The Walking Dead season 4 had "They are fucking with the wrong people" I don't know if its true,if anyone got the Blue copy please tell us if this is true.
       I was expecting them to do away with the Terminus place and most of the people by the first show and I was right. These people were a group of cannibals. They had cannibals in the comic as well and Rick dealt with them and he wanted to deal with them on the TV show and he was right but the people around him was saying you don't need to go after them they must be dead. Rick was right from my viewpoint he and all of them should go and wipe them all out. By letting them live you are opening the group up for problem with the cannibals. And from the video clip it show them and Gareth talking. I'm so glad they didn't do a whole season of them in the railroad car LOL. They had been building up to Terminus for half of season4 ever since they lost the prison. So they had to make a big impact at the end when Carol blew up the gas tanks, and Than Rick sprang into action. Its also good to see the rest of Rick's group doing their own DIY weapons out of what they have to work with. The Terminus people messed with the wrong group.
       I don't think the terminus people knew who they were dealing with here. Rick took out people with a piece of wood. I just hope that Michonne gets her sword back. Gareth knew that Rick had a bag and he asked Rick what is in it and he said “A machete with a red handle. That’s what I’m going to use to kill you.”And Rick was all tied up than Carol blew up the gas tank and walkers started the trip into the Terminus compound. Carol and Mary got together and she tells her about what they went through and how it gave them the right to kill people - to eat people. AT first Terminus was a safe place but it was over run by bad guys. But does this give them the right to eat people . I say hell NO! After the group got free and met up with Carol she told them to come with her and Rick and Carl is reunited with his baby,the whole Grimes family is together... Now I think there will be a power struggle between Rick and Abraham who wants them to go to Washington DC  and I don't think that will be accepted by the whole group because they know that large cities are "CITIES OF THE DEAD"
         I see lots of things hung around to be resolved. Where do they go? I think that Rick noticed one of the girls was with the Governor. Carol is now a member of the group again,so much had changed since Rick told her to go and most of those changes was with Rick whom now gets it. I like Rick when he is this way: a warrior because in this world he has to be like everyone else.Tyreece also had to kill. That evil man who threatened to kill the baby.Also where is Beth? the video clip did show her in a place she don't like and she wants to leave.
        Now it is also good to see that Morgan got his act together and he was going to Terminus until he saw the sign Rick put there "No Sanctuary"I see Morgan becoming a major force with Rick. I don't know this I'm thinking up some things I would do.And also the thing that Eugene Porter plan to do: a virus within a virus to kill the dead,since its the virus that is keeping the brain working and another thing is we don't know if its a virus ,a germ, or fungi, bacteria, it could work! Or you could take a sample from a walker but we all know our body co operate with lots of bacteria,just look inside you're gastrointestinal tracts ,they break down the food and change it to energy ,so you would need to ID what made the body to get up and walk. We learn from the first season that it acts like bacterial meningitis and than once your body is dead it reawakens the brain but it stops where memory and thinking happens. I think I wrote this on another site I said something about using a virus to kill another virus  maybe on my facebook page,who  knows.

    The Terminus people are true evil.They are what is called institutional evil: Acts of evil often done among an organization, done with little or no sympathy and a lack of humanity due to its repeated process, like a system, or a daily job. Like the body on the metal table when they came close to killing Rick and others.The body was Gareth's brother,the guy whom Rick grabbed in season 4 and   shot someone at Terminus. Its just that in their mind set its nothing personal. Other ideas of this type of evil- ISIS they just kill anyone(men.women children) that isn't a member of their little church. The Nazis who kill anyone that wasn't a party of their little club.

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  1. Yes Im happy that they have start seasun 5.