Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Best of E3 2014(Voting closed)

Best Action Game:Batman Arkham Knight
This series has always been good and with the return of rocksteady this should be the best game yet.

Best Adventure Game: Far Cry 4

 Best Fighting Game: The only one I remember was MORTAL KOMBAT X!!!'  A game with a long history! First in the arcades than on game system Genesis and SuperNES16.Than on other games systems.
Mortal Kombat has been a staple of the fighting genre since the early ‘90s, and the newly revealed tenth installment proves there’s still plenty of excitement for the franchise’s gruesome fatalities. The game features new bone-crunching X-Ray moves, ridiculous match-ending kills, and more original characters than any other roster in the series, ensuring Mortal Kombat X provides plenty of new blood to spray all over your opponents.

 Best Multiplayer: Game:Evolve

The platformer is one of the oldest and most prolific video game genres, yet we’ve never seen one quite like this stylish indie title. Described by Moon Studio’s David Clark as “a Metroid-vania with a heart,” Ori And The Blind Forest features tight and challenging platforming, a vibrant art style, and remarkably fluid animation. The promising downloadable game launches on Xbox One and PC later this year, making it an indie exclusive that Microsoft can be proud of (and Sony can be jealous of).

 Best Racing Game: FORZA HORIZON 2, and the Crew 

 Best Role-Playing Game: My pick would be THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT,while they show others I like The Witcher,

Best Shooter:I like EVOLVE because of its  sci-fi nature! The Division was also good.

Best 3DS Exclusive: ? maybe Code Name S.T.E.A.M,I didn't see this,I got this from a gaming website

Best Vita Exclusive:? again from other website Murasaki Baby

 Best Wii U Exclusive:MARIO MAKER
Super Smash Bros. might have been Nintendo’s most popular game at the show, but in terms of Wii U exclusives, we can’t help getting excited for Mario Maker. For decades, players have dreamt of making their own Super Mario levels, and finally Nintendo is giving us all the opportunity via an easy-to-use level creator. Not only that, but the game actually puts the Wii U’s touchscreen to good use, allowing you to draw in and erase blocks and obstacles with the stylus in a matter of seconds. Now who is going to censor all the platforms shaped like body parts? The video look good plus to be able to make your own level!

Best PlayStation Exclusive: BLOODBORNE
In a year with few surprises and even fewer platform exclusives, Sony pulled off a big reveal that had fans talking for the duration of this year’s E3. From Software’s new action RPG may not have “Souls” in the title, but it follows in the same vein of punishing and rewarding gameplay that the developer is known for. The methodical combat, Victorian gothic environments, and hulking, grotesque beasts all look gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 (despite some framerate hiccups), which is coincidentally the only platform you’ll be able to play it on. Given the increasing popularity of the Dark Souls series, this is a big get for Sony, even if it’s an adventure that goes by a different name.
I like game like this.

 Best Xbox Exclusive:Halo,Forza Horizon 2

Not only Halo 5 but the Master chief collections was really cool to see.

Best Indie: No Man's Sky
This may be my best overall game of e3. I can't wait to play it

Some of these game we saw online during the E3.I look around other web site my list was in agreement with other web sites. So there. Keep in mind we were not at e3 so this is all based on what we saw from at home. Some games were not considered because of lack of presence. Games like Battlefront, Mass Effect, and Uncharted 4. These were basically teased and it wouldn't be fair to include them when we haven't even seen gameplay.

Now its time for you to vote! please vote!

Vote for game of show. What was the best game at E3 overall? Voting ends July 31.


  1. Call of Duty DudeJuly 2, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    What no COD is any of the list,its the best shooter!What is wrong with you guys?

    1. Girls Like Video gamesJuly 2, 2014 at 7:23 PM

      Because COD isn't the best shooter,its the same old game release every few years.The shooter EVOLVE looks better it would play better too and has a better story. People that like shooter want something new.not the same old thing of COD or Battlefield.
      PS could we see who run the place? Post yours pic.

    2. You don't want to see me I'm just a old guy and both me and my helper do this site for fun plus we both like video games. I think my helper would said no to posting his photo here too.But I will leave that up to him!

    3. Why do you want a photo of them?

    4. Girl Like Video Games Too!July 15, 2014 at 5:52 PM

      Because AlbertO was so nice and easy going and I can't believe someone the age he say he is,play video games still most old people stop playing video game past a certain age of 30 this is still to old.His help sound nice too.But I understand why they don't post their pics I just asked that is all.

  2. Best shooter Battlefield. Best RPG The Witcher

  3. Evolve the video clip look great!

  4. FORZA HORIZON 2 im into racing games

  5. MORTAL KOMBAT is the game to beat

  6. BLOODBORNE looks great I hope the game play matches

  7. Voting closed, we will decide on the winner.