Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sony at Gamescom

1. Ps4 system update will bring new additions to sharing. Playstation Plus members can invite other players to play with them cooperatively and competitively even if they don't have the game. They also won't need to download the game. The update will also let you share to youtube.

2. In Space we Brawl was announced. It is a indie that is kind of like asteroids but offers couch co-op

3. Micheal Ancel announced a new game called Wild

4. This game was announced a long time ago for the ps3 but is now coming to ps4: Until Dawn

5. Media Molecule is bringing Tearaway to the ps4. It will be the same experience as on the Vita but with some new locations. You can also use the controller in cool ways like using the light bar to light up a dark area ,and use motions and movements to change the landscape of the game. An example would be using the touch pad to summon a wind storm

6. Destiny announced some new multiplayer modes. It would be easier to show the video then to explain them. They also announced that the first expansion will come in December.

7. Paradox announces two exclusive games for playstation 4. Hollowpoint and Runmaster. Hollowpoint is a co-op game set in a dystopian future. Runmaster is a tactical RPG that is also coming to PC.

8. Rime is a Playstion exclusive

9.  Ninja Theory announces Hellblade for the ps4

10. DayZ is coming to ps4. It will probably end up on Xbox One too.

11. Volume, a follow up to Thomas Was Alone, is coming to ps4 and Vita. It is set in the future where players have to use stealth to steal from the wealthy to give to the poor.

12. The Tomorrow Children is announced.

13. DriveClub gets a new trailer and is coming October 7

14. Infamous First Light gets a new trailer. It also adds battle arenas to Second Son.

15. Shadow of Mordor trailer

16. LittleBigPlanet 3 gets a new trailer that focuses on user creation.

17. Medal Gear Solid shows off some more uses for the box. This includes standing up in the box which can have different pictures on it to distract enemies. The pictures on the box included a women in a bikini and a soldier.

18. Ubisoft gives more details on sharing Far Cry 4 with ps4 friends. The ps4 version will come with 10 keys to Kyrat. You can give these to people on your friends list to let them play with you for 2 hours even if they don't have the game.

19. One of the most anticipated games for ps4: Bloodborne


  1. I like Hellblade! So far did you see the letter on the sword what languages is that from?Any idea?

    1. It looks a little like ancient Greek Letters but at time when they make a video game they use some of runes and letters from ancient languages.Remember used of a alphabet was recent invention.Back to the 2nd millennium B.C.Before this most of the writing meant used of runes and symbols as a image device.SO when you look at a wall in a Ancient Egyptian tomb you are look at a movie.They use imaging.Than when the Greeks and mostly the Roman took over most people jump to alphabet system to write.Because of the Roman was in control and they wrote down just about everything,that is why we know so much about them.To some degree we used that same system the Roman used.

    2. Are you sure you are a teacher? Or are you rocket designer or astronomer because of your other site why don't your help post stuff there?

    3. The letter on the sword and on the ground are Celtic! I took me awhile look more carefully to come up with the right info. Plus why does my helper post at my other site is he isn't into astronomy..And no I'm not a teacher....I just read a lot or used too!

  2. Bloodborne look good too, It look like there are plenty of good games coming out in the year 2015 and for some game 2016.



  4. E3
    E3 2015
    June 16-18, 2015
    Los Angeles Convention Center

    E3 2015 is the must-attend event where the video game industry unites to debut, showcase, and experience the future of games.
    I hope they have COD there