Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Microsoft at Gamescom

1. H-rez studios MOBA Smite is coming to Xbox One

2. SuperShot is coming first to Xbox One. All thanks to ID@xbox which was announced at E3. Supershot lets you pay out your Matrix dream and is playable with the Oculas Rift.

3. Another Indie game! Below will be coming out for Xbox One in 2015. In Below you play as a warrior in a remote island. What makes this game unique is the randomly generated environments and permadeath.

4.This is only the beginning of many betas to come. Evolve's open beta will start in January

5. Call of Duty advanced Warfare is getting its own bundle with Xbox One. It is a 1 TB model.


6. Rise of The Tomb Raider is exclusive for Xbox One. Also with no talk of a PC release. This seems really strange to me. I don't know why Crystal Dynamics would do this unless Microsoft gave them a bunch of money. Maybe it's a timed exclusive. I guess Uncharted and Tomb Raider will really be in a competition now! Getting Tomb Raider is really good for Microsoft. We just learned that it is a timed exclusive.

7. Quantum Break live demo. This game looks really good

8. Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta coming on October 16th

9. Screamride is a theme park simulator coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

10. Ori and the Blind Forest coming this holiday

11. White Xbox One to come with a digital version of Sunset Overdrive. it is $399.99 and is coming out October 28th

12.  Digital pre- orders and pre-downloads are finally coming to Xbox One starting with Forza Horizon 2 and Fifa 15

13. The Master Chief collection bundle with Halo 5 beta will begin on December 29th for three weeks. It will be four on four with customization and small maps. Some content will carry over to the release. 343 announced the evolution of Halo in the Halo Channel. The Halo Channel is a place for live action Halo drama. Lastly they said that the leveling system will be like Halo 2.



  1. I'm glad that they change the game since the last time they show Quantum Break in a movie clip. They took the toon look away and made it looklike a normal games. Now it remind me of little like infamous type of game play.

  2. I was hoping for price being lower!