Friday, August 29, 2014

Infamous First Light

Infamous Second Son's first standalone DLC gives an origin story for the neon wielding conduit:Fetch. It narrates the events leading up to Second Son and gives a deeper look into the troubled conduit. The story is told in flashback form as Fetch retails her journey to Augustine in Curdan Cay. Fetch is a much more likable character then Delsin, and her voice acting is spot on as Laura Bailey gives an emotional performance. You return to Seattle but only have one island to explore. Neon Clouds are all over the city which gives Fetch a speed boost when running through them. This makes traversal a little bit more exciting giving you small objectives while racing across the city. Some new powers include neon missles(my favorite), melee finishers, and a singularity that completely destroys anything. This singularity creates a "magnet" in the air that brings everything to it then explodes. All these new powers are awesome,but I was hoping for more. To upgrade these powers you most complete tasks around the city. Tasks that can be completed easily and don't add anything to the game. Come on Sucker Punch did you forget how to make a proper free roam game! You have to collect Lumens(blast Shards) around the city. These are placed in hard to reach places but it only takes seconds to figure out how to get them. There is neon painting which is exactly the same as spray painting in Second Son except the things you draw are not as cool.  You also have to find police camara drones. The best side activities are the races but they don't last very long. Most of the free roam stuff is just as dull as they are on Second Son. Sucker Punch needs to take a hint from the Arkham free roam. The story missions are pretty good but not anything special. The best thing is that they brought back riding on top of vehicles while you protect that vehicle. Those sections are really fun. There are also some arcade style sniper missions. The story is pretty emotional but predictable. The best part is actually the ending missions. I felt they were put together really well and were fun to play. Last but not least are the battle arenas. This is a very welcome addition to the Infamous universe. It is basically survival but it fits really well with Infamous. This is because the gameplay is so fun and easy. It also gives you something to do after you beat the game. If you still have Second Son you can play as Delsin. I just wish it could be online co-op or split-screen. Wouldn't it be great to have 2 people playing; one as Delsin and one as Fetch!

First Light is a pretty good DLC offering 4-5 hours of gameplay. Although it is plagued with the same thing that made Second Son have a lower score: a very bad free roam. You should get this if you are a Infamous fan because it is a good game but could have been so much more. First Light gets a 6.5

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  1. Yes the game free roaming nee some work, or massive work on it.I do hope they work it out for the next game.

  2. I think its hard to make free roam interesting and to keep it going so player don't get bore!But I play games for the most part by the missions,if they are good,its ok..