Monday, August 11, 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer


Whats new?

  • Exoskeleton: Each character is equipped with an exoskeleton that has many different abilities. The most noticeable is boosting. You can dodge to the sides, backwards, and even jump super high. You can also slam to the ground from above. This introduces the most traversal Call of Duty yet. It also has customizable abilities such as hovering, speed boosts,energy shields, health boost, and a trophy system which destroys incoming grenades. These are powered by a battery that only replenishes when you respawn. It also has wrist mounted launchers that works with tactical and lethal equipment. 
  • Pick 13 system: Similar to Black Ops II's pick 10 system, but now you can customize score streaks(like killstreaks but now they are based on everything you do not just the amount of kills you get). You can choose to take as few as zero and as many as four scorestreaks with you to battle. Some of these scorestreaks are now co-op. If you have an attack drone one person can mark enemies and the other person can shoot.
  • Virtual firing range: You can now test your customized loadouts in a firing range. These will be available in between matches. 
  • Energy weapons: Enough said.
  • Supply drops: They are kind of like battlepacks from Battlefield. At the end of a match you are rewarded a supply drop that has a combination of weapon loot, character customization items, and reinforcements. Weapon loot is a variation on a standard weapon. This includes the first three bullets being stronger, the longer you hold the trigger the faster the gun shoots, and much more. These supply drops come in three varieties enlisted, pro, and elite.
  • Customization: You can customize your gear, clothes, exos, and much more. What makes this different is that there is a virtual lobby which means other players can see your gear before going into battle. Now you can go in knowing what your up against. 
  • New modes: There are 12 game modes launching with advanced Warfare, two of which are new. War tasked the two teams a capture point tug of war. Each game starts with a central point. When captured, a new one is activated closer to the enemy’s line. In order to move back the other way, the defending team must capture the point. The other new mode is Uplink. It’s a combination of capture the flag and basketball (with a hint of Ghosts’ blitz game type). Players carry the drone to the goal, but can’t use their weapons when holding the ball-like device. The drone can be passed to allies or thrown at an opponent for a tactical advantage. When it hits the opponent, they automatically pick it up, which means they lower their weapons. Throwing the drone into the goal scores a point, and jumping into it nabs you two.
  • The maps: They are a little larger to accompany the boosting ability, but still has that close quarters COD feel. There will also be environmental hazards.
I like all the new additions to the game,but it strangely looks like Titanfall(that can be a good thing). What do you think about Advanced Warfare's multiplayer?

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