Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The News

 1 EA delays Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition
Battlefield used to be an annual release but not anymore.Hopefully this is for the good. We don't want another Battlefield 4, do we? It is delayed into 2015. Dragon age will now be released on November 18th instead of October 7th.

2. Another new hidden blade
Assassin's signature weapon is their hidden blades and it gets another improvement with Unity. Now it's a crossbow! Well, a mini crossbow that shoots hidden blades. You can have one for yourself. That is if you enjoy jumping across rooftops with a hood while wearing ridiculous clothing.

3. Play as Red Hood in Batman Arkham Knight 
Only if you pre- order the game at Gamestop. I hate it when they make pre order exclusives! Maybe it will be a DLC in the future, they usually are. You also get to play as Harley Quinn if you pre- order anywhere. Hopefully you can play a separate campaign for each character. I didn't like how you got new characters on the last one but could only play the challenge maps.

4. Games for charity
Humble Bumble teamed up with square Enix so you can get cheap games for the benefit of charity. For all the info follow the link:

5. Agent Locke in Halo Knightfall 
If you don't know Knightfall is the Halo miniseries going along with Halo 5 Guardians. Agent Locke is with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) where he is sent to investigate terrorists on a human colony. There they find an artifact that sets events forward for the miniseries. Agent Locke will be played by Mike Colter. He has been in   The Good Wife, The Following, and American Horror Story: Coven. He’s also been in films such as Zero Dark Thirty and Million Dollar Baby. He will also be in Halo 5 Guardians.

6. Destiny Beta
It is doing really well. So well that it crashed PSN on it's first day. Most players have been really impressed. Now it is open to Xbox One players too. Sadly I'm not playing it but for those that are make sure you play on Saturday July 26 to get an exclusive emblem. That way you can show that you were part of the game from the very beginning. Just start playing 2 p.m. Pacific/5 p.m. Eastern to get the emblem. For those that have been consumed by the game: how is it?

Also don't forget to vote for your best game at E3.


  1. Im glad they are giving more time for hardline. I didn't like how you got new characters on the last one but could only play the challenge maps.Come let us play them on the whole game..I vote for my E3 game.
    God play video games too!

    1. That is good to know!