Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The controversy around Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs was first announced, it won several E3 awards and was one of the most anticipated next gen games. The release date got pushed back so Ubisoft could make some finishing touches. Then news came that the graphic capabilities would be minimized for the benefit of better gameplay. Now the game is finally out and there is much controversy around it. Usually reviews for games are in the same proximity but everyone has mixed feelings about Watch Dogs! Some hate it,some love it, and some believe it is average. But almost everyone can agree that it's not as good as that first gameplay video shown at E3. This all adds up to an abundance of disappointed gamers, but the game is still good! Not great but good. There is also an abundance of people that are satisfied with how the game turned out. Now where do I stand? I believe the game is average and would have given it a 8.5 in a review. (This is a fair score in my opinion. Keep in mind that we gave GTA5 a 9.9 out of 10.) A lesson needs to be learned: not to set your expectations to high because this only leads to great frustrations when the game actually comes out. Hatred for this game originates from other sources then just high expectations. Some just think that the game sucks for many reasons. Here are the several complaints about the game and what I believe.
1.The graphics are bad: This is yet another example of the extreme controversy that revolves around this game.There is a whole bunch of people that say the graphics are excellent. How can there be such a gap between the different opinions about the graphics! I don't understand! Usually it is pretty easy to tell between good and bad graphics! I'm going to be in the middle again and say that they are average. The reason why people say they are horrible is because next gen graphics should be much better then this. When compared, GTA5 graphics are of the same quality. Where Watch Dogs succeeds is at night time or in a storm. This is why I say the graphics are average. (side note: The grass in Watch dogs looks terrible. Just wanted to say that.
2. The story and characters are lacking: This complaint brings me to the Transformers movies directed by Micheal Bay. The plot and characters are horrible in these movies. But who cares about the plot when the movie is based on giant transforming robots beating the crap out of each other. It's the same concept with Watch Dogs. When you are standing on a car going 100 mph while using a grenade launcher to blow up  the pursuing vehicles, who cares about the plot! I'm not saying that games should not have good stories, but you have to put a level of critique on it based on the concept of the game. (Just look at Just Cause 2) I enjoyed all the characters in the game except Aiden. They were each unique and a little crazy. Even if there is no sign of character development. Now I did hate the protagonist- Aiden Pearce. Mostly for his voice and he is never very happy.
3. The Vehicles are horrible: This is true; they are really hard to control. But I believe Ubisoft had a reason behind this. The driving in GTA5 is excellent but every vehicle handled the same way. I think Ubisoft was trying to make each vehicle feel different because some are easier to drive then others. But their execution failed.
 My verdict is that the game is pretty good and it does shine in a few aspects. Such as the combat. Both the shooting and stealth mechanics are a ton of fun. The addition of hacking is a good concept that I only see growing in next installments. And the online is excellent. I have had a blast with every mode from free roam to hacking into other players single player game. The online decryption is another great way to spend your time. As you can see there is much controversy surrounding this game. All my friends love it but I go online and many people hate it. I guess it's just a matter of opinion.

What are your thoughts on the Watch Dogs controversy?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBGIi9VA_AI(Graphics comparison 2012 to 2013)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf6eL4z9jyw ( graphic comparision ps3 to ps4/xbox one to PC)


  1. When they first show this game at E3 it look better than the games released.The game at E3 look like it was high end PC game now look at it. I don't know what they done to it but the game release was a down grade.

  2. Ok guy did you read it!? OK this for people that didn't read the above essay. They had to reduce the graphic to make the game play better.High end graphic take up memory in the hard memory calls on the PS4,you can fill it up with game play info or just graphic but if you do the graphic you would have to load game play data almost all the time.They still didn't give that much hard memory space on both xbox 1 and PS4. You can't read game data from the disk and used it on the game it load the game data from the disk and put it on the hard memory cell and than it on your tv ready to be play.Now in this day they can make game where you would never see load shot ever again that is if they would just do it.If they can do one the PS3 with Castlevania LOS2 they can do it with the new game system,Just do it damn it!