Sunday, January 5, 2014

3 Games that disappointed me

I had rented or play the demo or read about them on a gaming blog of these games and they didn't work out and was disspointed in them for some reason or another.
1)Aliens:Colonial Marines :Bad controls,Bad AI,The Alien would just come through the floor and there was no vent there! LOL Im glad I rent it.
 2)Sim City:Nothing but problem from the start!
The servers were hammered to pieces as thousands of people attempted to play the game at once, and since an online connection was required, that meant a lot of people couldn’t play at all for a while. When they could log on, players found sim-citizens acting in some extremely ill-advised manners, ignoring open roads to clog busy thoroughfares and returning to different homes each night. Hackers discovered the game, deliberately fudging some critical statistics like population, and put lie to the idea that significant processing was being done in the cloud.Come on why release a broken game? Fix your shit EA before releasing it! How many time we gamer been burn and now I read of problem with Battlefield about playing the game online?!
3)Beyond Two Souls_ I play the demo and let said if you are used to playing Heavy Rain than you would like this game.I just find the game was too controlling, I want to do it my way but the game never let you,you have to play through a very scripted story and do it the way the game want you too. The way they made a big deal about this game at E3 . Its was a let down.I think even with a good story I wouldn't get the game because of the way they pick for you to control the game.If you play Heavy Rain you would get the idea how this game control I want just to push the X button but no you have to push the R1 and L1 while moving the controller up and down than push the Triangle one!


  1. Here is my list of other bad game for 2013,this is what I read about them!
    1)Star Trek:the video game
    3)The Walking Dead: survival: I rent this gem,It was a good idea to make a FPS,but people wanted a good one.This wasn't good. You go from place to place and all the missions are about the same.The graphic look very dated.I know the PS3 can do goo graphics just look at game like The last of us and Uncharted and god of War.this game look very poor....They kind of look like a PS 1 or 2 game. The control wasn't very good,the story line wasn't that great.Maybe next time they make a game for the show pick someone else to make for you maybe the people whom done Castlevania LOS1 and LOS2 could make a good one!
    I was think of doing a Bad Games of the year!!!.... One thing is I don't think they top the bad game of all history this year and that game is Duke nukem and maybe this is good because you have to make a bad shity game to bypass that gaming gem of shit!

  2. Its only fair,yu do a good game of the Year

  3. I knew you had more bad games in store!