Monday, December 23, 2013

Castlevania:Lords of Shadow 2 Demo

That is right I got the play the demo. How could I do this? Well by buying Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD from the Xbox Live or PSN network. I got my from the Xbox live because it was 1/2 price. I always want Mirror of fate any way I was just waiting until it when down in price and I want to be on a big TV and with the controller I use too.
Ok here we go the Brotherhood of Light is attacking Dracula's Castle. As you know in the 1st game you control Gabriel Belmont(who was a member of the Brotherhood), now known as Dracula! You play Dracula with all his powers. Playing as Dracula is great and the control are the same as in the 1st game. Playing Dracula is great he is faster and agile. Dracula's main weapon is his Blood Whip, a weapon that is comparable to the Combat Cross from the original Lords of Shadow. Replacing the magic system from the previous game are the Void Sword and the Chaos Claws. The Void Sword can replenish Dracula's health when used while the Chaos Claws can be used to break through enemy defenses and deliver powerful attacks. The story mode in Lords of Shadow 2 has been stated to be far longer than the previous one.This game will also feature a movable camera, something that was not available in the first Lords of Shadow game.

In the demo you first fight a few normal fighter from the brotherhood where the game give you a lesson on how to control Dracula. After fighting few of them you go outside and you see a Titan, on the 1st game the Titan was made out of rocks, these was made out of wood and metal. And you get to fight a golden Paladin they are elite warriors of the Brotherhood of Light who are gifted with enchanted golden armor with metallic wings that resemble those of an angel and allow them to fly and increase their physical abilities. after you fight him for a awhile than the Titan try to hit you but miss and you follow  the golden Paladin onto the Titan where you fight more Brotherhood and than you get to climb up the Titan and you open up the faceplate and you upchucks blood on a power Crystal  and that is it for the Titan it fall onto the Brotherhood fighter and kill lots of them and in the end you face up against the Paladin again and Dracula's eye turn a deep red and the end of the Demo.
There was no loading during the game play. and Yahooooooo the camera work I spend time just looking around and than its time to go now to play the rest of the Demo, If the real game is better than the demo for the most part they are than I suggest that you guy buy the game or rent it. Come on you never know!!!


  1. I like the 1st game and pre order at Best Buy!

  2. Yes Its play as it should ! This game would give me a break from the shooters, RPG(skyrim)

  3. I hope the real game is great

  4. Yes come on and get here.I decide to get this game. I sorry the new game system cost too much cash .So Im keeping the old system for a long time. I working for min wage but I can only work part time because Im a kid and still in school. One thing is by doing this my parent said I would be better off then the kids whom their parent get them everything.You should see some of my friend driving cars that they couldn't afford to school and calling the cars "their car". It almost make me sick. I have to work and they get everything but in the end they are for a fall of their life when mom and dad stop giving them cash and they have to learn how to work. Let see whom get the good car after mom and dad stop the money train!
    Yes I per order this game from Best Buy!

    1. Yes me too!!! Some people are so lucky or are they? But back to the game I can't wait until this game comes out I getting the PC one!

  5. Yes it a good game the first one was,it was something different to play you can only play game like COD and Battlefield and Skyrim for so long.People said it copy from God of War but I have news for you guy God of War copy from the games of the past.All the games do!

  6. Yes Im getting this game and never really like these type of game,I getting the one for the handheld system...