Monday, December 2, 2013

How do you guy feel about video games to movies?

I heard of a move about Uncharted. Mass Effect and Metal Gear and AC !!
There had been lots of them made. There was Resident Evil,Silent Hill, Mario brothers.
So far I like the computer-animated of Resident Evil:  Degeneration and Damnation because they match the video games.The real Movies was so far away from the video game that they should be consider side stories to the video game...


  1. So far there was no really good video game to movie. I do hope if they do a Mass Effect or Last of US or AC or Uncharted they would do a good job and as close to to what happen in the video game but a little difrent

  2. I like a idea of a Uncharted movie. What happen to the AC movie they was going to do?

  3. A Last of Us Movie might be good. I read somewhere they copy right the movies rights to the Last of Us so no one else could make it without their say so! Is this a good sign!? Maybe or maybe they don't want someone like Uwe Boll to make the movie. All he did was to buy the right to make a video game to movie Like he did with The House of the Dead movies. I believe every game marker should buy the movie right tho their own games so some like Uwe Boll couldn't make a suck ass movie and screw up their game rep!

  4. I hate all of the video game to movie. None of them!! But if they made a movie about COD 2 than they would have something. Game of the year COD2 Best game of the year COD2. Best game of the century COD 2