Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breaking Bad= speechless!

This recent episode has made me realize that breaking bad may be the best TV show I have seen. The whole episode: I was on the edge of the seat and the final 10 minutes was something extraordinary. Vince Gilligan knows how to make a good TV show. The shootout between Hank, Gomez, and Todd's group was adrenalin filed and epic. I am speaking out of excitement right now! The shootout is not like a shootout on any other show, it has something special. Something you can only get when you watch Breaking Bad with the amazing plot and character development. The reviews for this season have been 100% positive and I have a feeling that this show will be winning many awards. Breaking Bad kills off the main characters smartly and at the right time and that's why moments like these make the show great because you never know what curve ball will be thrown next.

Here is the inside Breaking Bad You should watch it. But only if you don't care about spoilers or have already seen the episode:


  1. Yes I know but this show always does what you don't expect,which is good Im sorry that we had to wait so long!

  2. I think Walt on the next show which I just watch. After his wife said hell no. I think Walt done the phone call the way he done it because he knew the cops was there and this away his wife and kids could be set free. Its to bad he lost his cash or did he? I think he would go in and shoot the people whom took his cash and maybe set Jesse free or they might fight and end up kill each another the END!!!!

  3. My prediction: jessie will some how kill creepy Todd. Walt will kill those people that got his money with that big gun in his trunk and he will use the risen(from the house) and put it in Lydia's tea. Because she will be trouble and the camera always zooms in on her tea!