Saturday, September 7, 2013

We try a poll

But I didn't work out. Here it is
What game system are you going to get?
1)Xbox One
4) keep on playing my old game system
And why?


  1. My is for the PS4 but from what I read about how the system work there shouldn't be that much different between two game for each system that is if the game maker do their job right. So the question is what 1st party game you like is it Halo or God of War? Is Uncharted or Alan Wake?. it up to what game you want,I think most of the 3rd party games like Battlefield and COD would be the same for each game system..

  2. The WiiU and than the xbox one and than PS4 and a good time with#4

  3. #1 the only game system you need to get,