Monday, August 12, 2013

Square Enix Confirms Next-Generation Tomb Raider Sequel

In an announcement that we can safely file under "no surprise" following a story out of San Diego Comic-Con, Square Enix president for the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers has confirmed the development of a Tomb Raider sequel for next generation consoles and PC. The reboot, which was released early in 2013, sees Lara Croft on her first adventure.
News of the sequel first emerged thanks to comic writer Gail Simone, who mentioned that her work will lead directly into the next game. Given Square Enix's disappointment with Tomb Raider's sales (which still managed to outsell every previous entry in the series), a follow-up wasn't a sure thing.
We liked Lara's last (first) adventure quite a lot, and it will be interesting to see where her journey takes her. Shoot it sold only sold 3.4 million copies  and they wanted 14.9 million. Maybe they need to be happen with what they got....


  1. Yes they do that because most of these gaming company see their main interested is to the stock holders so they over do the expecting sell figures so if a game don't make that cash they can redo their taxes and pay less and the stock hold also have some tax break. There was few companies that said even if they are stock traded company the game comes first because if they do the game right, the game will sell better than a rush out game and we all play them.

  2. This is great another Tomb Raider game!!!

  3. Good.. Another good game

  4. This is great the last one was a good reboot which this game series needed. I think the game done better than they are letting on, it just didn't sell in the number they was expecting and they do set very high maybe to high most games don't make 14 million sells