Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bioshock Review from The Master Adam Sessler

 PS I try to upload it but the site had its problem


  1. He need to have another TV show about games. I miss X Play. Xplay when down hill when he left the show plus it didn't help thing out when they talk about cell phones. Bioshock always been a great game its story line are great plus they keep on making the game play really great.He is right about the PC game its better than the XBox360 games system. Plus I sold my WiiU no games and I'm tired of waiting!! Only one good game came out! That is LEGO City Undercover which like all Lego game is full of humor and it fun to play, its like GTA but you can't go around kill people, Which I would like them to add.

  2. Where did you go uncle Bill? Yes I like Bioshock games and this one has a great stories.