Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My take on Tomb Raider

So far I have noticed no bugs in the game unlike the old game which was full of bugs this one doesn't look like it has any but I just not looking hard enough.There was a bug on the old one after you solve the puzzle in the tomb and save it in the tomb the door at the end of the tomb wouldn't open,you could only save it at  certain place that had a gem stone there,so you were forced to replay the whole stage and go past the tomb and go through hell to reach the next saving gem and save it there. Its good that this game doesn't have this kind of bug!
The controls are better than the past ones, The jumps are easy to make  but there are some quick time stuff in the game that i don't like that much.
 The weapon are upgradable and so is your skill level. You pick up parts to upgrade your weapons and there are like the older games three weapons to pick up and books to read that tell the story of the island.
I haven't finished the game yet.I like to just look around and search the tombs,you see I'm into history so I want to see if they done a good job in replicating history of some very advanced people for that time.Plus I always just look around there is no telling what you might find or see.
You have to kill a animals to eat and you will do this in the first part of the game. Your first weapon is a bow and arrow. you can use a robe (with the bow) and fire arrows. The robe creates alternative paths to discover.
One thing about the game is how many shots it takes to kill someone,but headshots are always one shot kills. I find out it just easy to let them come to you and kill them with a axe. The game gives you a change to be sneaky in combat-if your into that. Lara is a very tough girl! Sometimes you laugh because she gets beat up so bad that no one could survive it in real life. But it's not real life; its a game!

The online game mode isn't that good and there are better  games with very good online game play out there, SO don't get this game for its online game play,its the single player game that is fun with great story and great game play.I give the single play game a 9.9 and the online game play 0.1
Buy Black Ops 2 or Uncharted 3 or 2 or Crysis if you want good online game play
There is nothing different about the online gaming mode,there is no new ideas here and everything is done better in other games out there.


  1. Yes its about time they make a good one

  2. Did you hear that they are going to have DLC but only for online game

  3. I love this games.

  4. You are right about this game. But the online game play could be better. They should make a choice make a good online game or a single player game. Not every gsme has to have online game play some game are better as single player games like SIlent Hill or Resident evil

  5. This game is great retelling of Tomb Raider I was hoping for!