Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assassins creed 3: the Betrayal Review

The Betrayal is the second part of the Tyranny of king Washington DLC. This time it is set in Boston and you get a sweet new animal power. Last time you could cloak and call wolves to your aid and now along with those powers you can fly! After escaping from jail, Conner goes on another spirit journey. This time the eagle is your new companion. The spirit journey isn't as long or hard as the last one but I was expecting something a little more fun. You have to protect the eagles eggs from wolves which is basically just following the quick time events.:/ You do get to fly as an eagle and avoid obstacles which was good,but they could have thought of something better then protecting eggs. But once you finish, you get the power of the eagle. This power is awesome! you can basically fly from building to building but it will take down your health. You can also use a eagle strike which is just like a air assassination. It's just fun to mess with the soldiers in Boston with these new powers.

The game starts out with you being greeting by evil King Washington in the jail cell. After that you easily escaped with your friend Kanen'tó:kon. Then you have to try to recruit Ben Franklin to your cause. He is working under Washington but is easily convinced to join Conner. It is great to have Ben Franklin along for the ride since he wasn't really in the main campaign. He is really whiny tough. So Conner, Kanen'tó:kon,and Ben Franklin join up with John Adams to stop King Washington. But of course Washington went to New York and left Putnam to take care of things in Boston. So now Conner and the rest have to find a way to get passed the blue coats and get to New York.

I was actually a little disappointed with the DLC. There are not many main missions and nothing was really challenging. There was no epic moments in the missions besides fighting Washington for a second time. There was a part when you had to shoot a blue coat and chase Ben Franklin but instead of using the bow and arrow yourself the game made you go through a short quick time event. Then there was no challenge in chasing Franklin because you could just fly in front of him. I like the powers a whole lot but they bring the challenge out of it. I finished the whole DLC in about a hour and 30 minutes. I was hoping for much more content. Ubisoft should have added a new area of Boston to explore and a whole new bunch of different side missions. Instead we got stuck with little side events that people don't care about. A plus side is that the lucid memory's are fun to collect. But we really need more to do! It's not even fun to run around Boston because the guards are more annoying then usually. They are all over the place and it is frustrating to have to fight them all the time. Good thing you can transport to your mission.

The new powers are great but the The Betrayal is no where close to episode 1. Come on Ubisoft! This DLC has a lot of potential with the story and Conner(I say Conner because I don't feel like spelling out his other name) trying to figure out whats going on. From weak missions to weak free roam The Betrayal gets a 6.0


  1. I would give it a 0.0

  2. I think this was a waste of my cash.