Monday, March 4, 2013

Crysis 3 Review

Many gamers were disappointed with Crysis 2 and didn't like the changes in the game. But some liked the changes over Crysis 1. In the third installment the developers try to make everyone happy!

The graphics are just breathtaking for every system out there. The PC is of course the best and xbox and ps3 are about the same. The water, sun, and wind effects are amazing and you may pause to take it all in. After being released by your old friend ,Physco, Profit has to once again save the world from the ceph with cell being annoying like always. Yes you are playing as Profit because Alcatraz died but Profits mind is still in the suit. Yes... confusing! The story is more emotional this time around because you face the idea of losing your mind to the nanosuit. There are also a variety of character but they are not all that interesting except for physico. The voice acting is really good if it wasn't for the many cheesy lines.

The controls are mostly unchanged from the the last game and are really easy to use. You can customize your guns and look through the upgrades without pausing the game. There is great variety in each mission and so many ways you can get past a section. You can use stealth or just burge in guns blazing. There's also all sorts of opportunities in combat -for example there may be a sniper position, a underground passage or a way to sneak past the section without killing anyone. There is also a all new hacking system which can be use to disable mines or take control of turrets. However you play, the suit makes you feel powerful with speed, agility, strength, cloaking, and armor. Later on there are sections that are completely free. The game gives you a option of what objective to do first and how to do them. There are also vehicles to get to those objectives. The game offers much replay value because there are so many ways to get through a mission. You can also look for more collectibles and upgrades for your suit. A new addition to the game is the bow and it's awesome! It can be used during stealth without going out of cloak. But it also works well when you have been spotted. It is a one shot kill but there is limited ammo. You can use the explosive, electric, and regular arrows to kill your prey. The bow is a great addition, plus it looks cool! It's fun to use it agianst cell troops and the ceph. It is great fun to see cell's fear as they become the hunted. The ceph don't get scared that easily and are harder to kill. There are all types to kill which means all sorts of alien weopons!

The multiplayer is not a disappointment. It is great fun to play with all the powers the nanosuit brings. There are some new modes including the hunter mode. There is a group of cell troops that are being hunted by the hunters.(nanosuits) Once a cell dies he becomes a hunter untill there is no one left. This mode definently keeps you on your toes. You will shoot at anything that moves when you are one of the last cells left.

Crysis 3 gets a 9.0


  1. Yes the online game play is the same as the older game,I wish they would had come up with something new,well they did where if you are capture you become member of the other team,

  2. Another note that I forgot to mention: The campaign is really short and the ending isen't anything spectacular :(

  3. Its kind of a let down the end of the game but they do that with lots of games don't they?

  4. I like the games but like all shooters they are getting kind of old.I think its time togo into advange type of games

  5. Maybe I was a little nice on this game. Should of gave it a 8 something. Oh well

    1. You see,I would had give it 3.0 I love FPS but isn't COD 1 and 2 would get 100.00 in my book

  6. Its still a good game