Saturday, October 20, 2012

DMC Video

A reboot of the kick ass series! Some people bitch because they change Dante hair from blond to black hair! They change game developer,Ninja Theory. And you play as a young Dante in the older PS 2 game you play Dante as a older guy. In the older games on the PS2  the brother Dante and Vergil fights and hate each another. This game may tell the reason why they hate each another.
The game is set in a parallel universe in the Devil May Cry series. The story tells of an alternate version of Dante (voiced by Tim Phillips) in the fictitious Limbo City, a dreary city that appears calm at first, but transforms into a twisted parody of itself with demons and other monstrosities who frequently attempt to kill him whenever he is seen by the demons.During the game, Dante is frequently taunted and stalked by Mundus (portrayed in this version as a rich human-looking demon with a god complex), who seeks to have Dante killed. Dante's twin brother Vergil has also been confirmed to be in the game.


  1. Yes but I like the old Dante's looks

  2. We need to give this game a chance because it show Dante as a young guy.