Sunday, September 2, 2012

What is yours most disspointing game for 2012? Here is a small list!

Two World 2

Pilotwings Resort For the 3DS;????????????????????????????????????????? What???????

Bionic Commando: Thye try to make a classic 2D game into a free roam 3D game. But it didn't turn out this away. You was very limited in where you can go and whom you can flight! The remake 2D game was ok, I play only the demo!

Alone in the Dark:
The original Alone in the Dark was a pioneer in the survival horror genre, possibly the first using 3D visuals. The 2008 version, however, can't hold a candle to the original. With mediocre controls and some of the worst driving mechanics ever, any hope for a nostalgic return to what made the original so great was destroyed. Playing as the f-bomb-loving Edward, you were forced to do things like blink your eyes and flash your coat open to reveal the inventory. Keeping stock of everything flammable made more traditional weaponry like guns and swords almost useless against the undead. There were some interesting puzzles and item crafting, but the cons far outweighed the pros, making this another example of a game best left in the past. (The older one was much better,if you can get yours hand on a dreamcast,that is!!LOL)
Star Wars Kinect: XPlay said it sucks!

Dubbed the "Halo Killer" by many before its launch, this PS3-exclusive was anything but once the masses got their hands on it. Even the Sony faithful hid in the shadows instead of defending this lackluster shooter. The promising storyline was made terrible with awful character design and vocal work, and the A.I. was so bad it wasn't even laughable. A sparse multiplayer and boring level design added to the major mistakes by developer Free Radical Design. The weapons and power boosts from the plot-centered drug called 'Nectar' were fair in quality, but considering the hype Haze received prior to launch, they were small glimmers of light in an otherwise abysmal FPS.

Duke Nukem Forever: What can I said about this game!! Its bad,its really bad!

Dragon Age II: .I never play this game...

What is yours disspointing game 0f 2012!????


  1. STEEL BATTALION HEAVY ARMOR.Is the new bad game of the century! One of my friend got it and returned it within 30 minutes.The Knects controls was so very unresponsive it is; he reached for levers and switches that he really didn't want to touch; it would lean him in when all he was doing was sitting in one spot not moving; they put the self-destruction button right next to the headlights switch, guess what he hit by accident due to terrible Kinect controls. I made a misstake I got duke nukem forever for $5 and you was right this game isn't worth even this,not even free! Do as these people said stay away from Duke and this game.

  2. I think its Battlefield single player game

  3. My was Uncharted 3 online game play! They sould had made it like COD!

  4. Any comic book base game

  5. Girls Play video gamesSeptember 14, 2012 at 2:09 PM

    Bardie Horse Adventures for the PS2.With sucky games like this,it make us girl feel that they don't want females to play games and we are better at playing game anyway!