Sunday, June 3, 2012

some unexpected games that MIGHT be on E3

Skyrim DLC

Tomb Raider comes out March 5, 2013

Star Wars 1313 
was just announced and i hope will be at E3. You are a deadly bounty hunter(we don't know his name) set in the underground of coruscant.

Dead Space 3 was just announced


PlayStation All stars Battle royal
I am excited for this game because i like super smash bros and this is just like that but with playstation characters. Look at the little segments of gameplay on you

New Gears of War
They said the Gears of War 3 was supposed to be the last one but i guess not. This may or may not be on E3

 Littlebigplanet karting
I was a big fan of littlebigplanet and cant wait to see how this turns out.

 This is definently not a complete list. It is just some that surprised me! I hope all of them will show up at E3.


  1. Dead Space.If you ever play the old ones,is a great series.It look like they change the look,you are no longer in s small dark room in a space ship.I do hope that they make this new one a lttle easy than the 2nd one which even on easy was hard as hell.

  2. A skyrim DLC and a starwars game whatelse can you asked for?

  3. Call of Duty DudeJune 11, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    What no new Call of Duty game?

    1. They did announce Black Ops 2 and i am really excited about it! I cant wait to learn more about multiplayer and zombies! Also it is good that the campaign will have some choices for you to make. These were just games i didnt expect to see we will have black ops 2 on the xbox overview!

  4. Battlefield is going to add many map packs and etc