Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Dead Redemption Review

      Red Dead Redemption followers a angry John Marston but there is reasons for the constant "ill shoot a whole in your brain" threats. John is actually a family man but his beloved wife and son have been separated. The only way to get them back is for John to search down and kill the members of his old gang. Red dead Redemption has an outstanding western style story that never gets boring. The story is very emotional and never over stays its welcome. It is a long game with many things to do. Overall it is a extraordinary, emotional movie like story about family and shooting people in the face. Each character is different and has there own sense of humor. The dialogue is excellent with good voice acting. Some characters you learn to hate (Iris) but some you love(Bonnie) and cant wait to see them again.
     John Marston's journey will lead you many places from Armadillo to Chuporosa in Mexico. The map is big with many places to go. You can play games like horseshoes or arm wrestling. There are also side missions to do ranging from going on nightwatch to helping a stranger. Also you may run along a damsel in distress while free roaming. It is always a surprise what situation you will get into. Hunting is a main part of Red Dead there are various animals to kill. Once the animal is dead you can skin it for some extra cash. If a game has a good sized map with all this to do you would expect some pretty darn good graphics and this game delivers. The environments are just amazing as they change to night and day. The suns or moons glare is a sight to see. Anything a cowboy would do you get to do including riding herds of cattle, breaking horses, and getting drunk. Yes you can get drunk! Don't worry there is plenty of action once you get along the game. There are various shootouts with many old weapons including a Springfield, double barrel shotgun, revolver, dynamite, and much more. The action is intense and fun the good thing is that the game never gets old and throws you into new situations every mission. Dead eye makes a return with several improvements. Dead eye is where you can make everything go in slow motion while you highlight targets to shoot. This is great and it has helped me out of many situations. If you want to be bad you can go shoot civilians in a town, ignore someone in distress or steal personal belongings. It is your choice to how the townsman see you. A killer or a hero your choice but be careful there will be a bounty on your head if you choose to steal some pour mans horse.

     Rockstar added multiplayer to the game and you don't want to skip it. My favorite mode is free roam. You can do whatever you want find a group of friends and create a posse or be on your own. You and your posse can take over a gang hideout, go after other players, kill the lawmen, go hunting, or just free roam around. This is a very cool idea and is great fun but wait theres more! If you like team deathmatch this game has that too. There are so many game modes to play and you will have a blast playing with your friends. Unless of course you get frustrated which is really easy to do but thats the same with any online game.

Red Dead Redemption has great multiplayer and a good story mode. Even tough there are a few slow parts like riding your horse long distances slowly with a character to get to a mission. But these do add to the story and are not much to complain about. Plus they give you a change to admire the beautifully surroundings. This game does have a pretty dark humor at sometimes which fits the M rating. The themes in this game are definitely not for kids. Besides that Red Dead Redemption is a spectacular game and it gets a

The laso will be a important tool in the game.

Showing the outstanding graphics in Red Dead.

John Marston

Good old West Dickens


  1. Yes.Rockstar makes great video games.I do hope they are working on another one because they left opening in this one. His son can be the main guy!

  2. I love this game and its DLCs.Thank you for this site.

  3. A great game with lots to do.Well not that much when you play Skyrim ,now I have a lot to do!