Sunday, May 13, 2012

Black op 2 trailer photos

Here are screenshots of the Blacks Ops 2 trailer and what we think about it.

This looks like actual gameplay.

It looks like you have to fly one of those drones to get a better look or blow stuff up. You can see
the crosshairs in the middle of the screen and if you look at the top it says 50mm auto.

Here is a good look at the new types of planes. It looks like it is able to hover
and it is about to land on a helicopter landing pad instead of a runway. As you can
see there is a giant building on the boat.

                                     The Photo above look like this is in a middle eastern country!

This look like the drone fighter air plane they are working on today.What limits the jet fighter airplane is the humans can't take G forces over 9! A unmaned airplane could turn sharp turn or pull up.If a polit try to turn the plane to sharp the computer overrides him and turn the airplane at a rate where it wouldn't hurt the human.Now day the drone can fly on auto or by someone in the USA and the drone would be in Irag or anywhere.You could load the plane up with gas and ammo.

                               They have something like this today. If you look closely it say B. Mason!

Another robot.Remember they replace most of the arm force with robots but someone reprogram them.This one has a machine gun and cannons!

Another robot.The green senor is how it locates and aims the weapon platform.

A drone!Like the ones they use today,they can shoot whatever kind of weapon you put on it.This has a jet engine.

Yes! Another  problem in a middle eastern country

He nearly escapes a drone crash right in front of him and over him! Also I like how the jet is hovering.

In the middle of the battlefield in LA.With his companions!! A few drones can be seen.

The weapon he was shooting automatic but it could be cool if you could change the type of fire yourself.

A horse ride in what look like a middle east country! This is most likely actual gameplay.

He was talking about it was a mistake to rely on machines to defend your country because the PC control machine could be taken control by the bad guys! If you dont notice that is Frank Woods.

                                           The Year is 2025

This is a walking tank.Armed with a Gatling gun and grenade launcher

This looks like one of the bad guys and from the building design,its in a middle eastern country!

 They was escorting the armor  truck? but the helicopter was shot down. Thats what it looks like to me.

A Russian  intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM taken off to where whom knows?Its atomic in nature most of them have 5 or more separate missile that can target separate cities!

The LCD display status of the jet plane . As well as the HUD display with target info and its aim at drone airplane. A human control fighter jet can be seen. Looks like you may be able to fly a jet!

A laser beam from a space station? Or a Satellite,You could power it with solar power cells but you would need a lot of them but it could be done and you would have a power source that would last for about 9 billion years ours Sun!


  1. I like this.I do hope to see more of this with the caps of the video. What program do you use to get caps?

  2. They always had a good story line in Black Op

  3. Yes Call of Duty usually has a good story and we might do this for the Assassins creed 3 trailer if you guys like it!It is called VLC and its free. So if you like this we will keep on doing it.

  4. I like the caps and I'm think of signing up so that I could post some stuff!

  5. Call of Duty dudeMay 22, 2012 at 1:51 AM

    I like war games