Monday, January 16, 2012


                     RESISTANCE REVIEWS
                                            (only for ps3)
Resistance Fall Of Man

The deadly chimera infection is spreading and Nathan Hale is ready to fight back. The story in this game does not pull you in but it is still interesting to see Hales journey from start to finish. The campaign might be the longest in the series, but basically all you do through the game is shoot and to me it gets boring after a while. The enemies you fight will not  make it easy because they are actually smart. For example they will hide behind cover and try to find a way to flank you. At least insomniac gives you a variety of  unique weapons to get rid of those pesky chimera. They do try to change it up with different enemies to fight and spooky moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. The game keeps you interested by switching  up the environment almost every mission ,and the vehicle gameplay gives you a break from the constant shooting. Still the game is repetitive so I am going to give it a 7.6 out of 10. I do recommend this game plus it is only about $10.00. You will get a good deal ,which you don’t hear very often when it comes to buying video games!!!

Resistance 2  

Nathan Hale is back and he is fighting for his live but more importantly fighting to save the world. The chimera infestation is spreading and  the human population is rapidly decreasing. Hales story is much more engaging this time around as you watch him fight the disease within him.
Gameplay is very much improved from the last Resistance game except that the campaign is much shorter. Know the objectives differ with makes the game interesting and fun. Cinematic moments are exciting, cool, and entertaining. Also some of the weapons return from the last game but this time around they shoot much better. Don’t worry insomniac introduces some new toys so you can blast chimera
 face off. Altogether my score for this game is 8.9 out of 10. The price has been dropped so this is also a good deal.

Resistance 3                               

This time around you play as Joe Capelli don’t worry he is not mean like he was in the last game! The humans are not doing very good, well…their not doing good at all. Joe is taking a last stand to save the world and to do so he must travel to New York hitting many roadblocks on the way. His wife is left behind which keeps you interested in the easy to follow story. Through the long journey Joe is always remembering his wife and son just wanting to see them again. The campaign is short but good. Controls are spot on which makes using the vast weaponry easy and fun. Gameplay is outstanding with cinematics and good storytelling.
Multiplayer is good but its nothing spectacular. The only negative I have for the campaign is that towards the end it seemed rushed and the story did not wrap up as well as I would of hoped. But all together this games deserves a high score so I am going to give it a 9.5

Brutality DLC pack for Resistance 3

This DLC is the same as any other survivor mode. The idea is that you and your friends survive increasingly difficult  waves of  Grims  You get to use all the weapons from the campaign including the sledgehammer! If you like survival type gameplay this DLC is for you. It is $5.00 and I strongly recommend it.


  1. Yes that is a great game series...

  2. The 3rd one is my favorite.
    You should try Gears of War 3