Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2

For the PS 3,The Xbox 360 and the PC(I play the PS 3 version)
Hey any game where you have a talking potato is ok with me LOL!
From the first moments of waking up in the rusting Aperture Science facility to right before the credits roll, Portal 2 rarely falters. The world is bigger, the story thicker, and the character development more surprising. The mania of GLaDOS, the facility's operator, is molded into unexpected forms alongside a host of brutally funny personalities. The history of the Aperture Science facility is filled in, character origins discussed!
Graphics are ok ,but they are not the only thing that makes a good game. Good game play, and good controls are also factors that a great game has to have and this game has it. The hysterical dialogue between characters is still here. (GLaDOS, and Wheatley made me laugh the most!)
Valve brings back the same portal gun while greatly expanding the number of gameplay toys. The gun shoots two linked portals through which you and objects can pass and momentum is maintained. To get from one test chamber to the next and through the guts of Aperture's vastness, you'll use your portals to redirect energy beams, coat surfaces with globular gel that makes you bounce or run at high speeds, pass over gaping pits with bridges of light and manipulate cylindrical tractor beams. Arriving at a solution will require quick reactions just as often as clear thinking, as portals sometimes need to be repositioned while soaring through the air or before timers run out. This is not a first person-shooter in the traditional sense, but at times it can feel like one as you zoom in with your portal gun to spy distant targets and frantically adjust your aim and fire with precision.
No matter how complicated the puzzles get, the solutions are always sensible. Sometimes you'll "get it" right away and adjust lasers with lens blocks to activate platforms to reach switches. Other times you'll have no idea what to do, exhausting seemingly all possible options until, eventually, a solution so plainly obvious sparks in your brain and you curse yourself for being such a dolt. Valve does an excellent job of presenting you with all the necessary clues without slapping a set of instructions onscreen to explain the way forward. Even when multiple mechanics are mixed into puzzles like jump pads, tractor beams, light bridges and gels, You will never feel that getting stuck was due to unreasonable or poor design, only your ability to decipher it.
My rating for this game is 9.5!!! Co op will be reviewed separately.  


  1. I like this game.A shooter that take some brain power to get through it.

  2. When? How long do I have to wait for the review?Its nice to get a review from a gamer.

  3. Portal 2 and 1 was a great game. Its good to see a good non shooter out there. I hope they are working on Portal 3