Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm was getting email

From people that couldn't get the board to load right. I was thinking we had to many Add a Gadget on the side of the main board the stuff on the right the videos and etc.So I took them down. Making thing kind of simple. I was going to change the color to pink but I'm going that far!Let! We had a few video gadget every-time the site had to check with youtube and than this and that!!! So for now I took them down to see if this would make the site load up better.I was noticing ours people wasn't replying and now I get email said we couldn't get on because the site never loaded up. Plus this is a free setup from google they most likely slow thing down and add that speed to a payfor stuff.Its was never that fast!
I decide Im going with Pink!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Its must have work. Its still take time to load up but now it does.I also might been the number of video you have in the post.I'm thing of getting a Xbox 1 myself but like you Alberto I'm not made of cash so I still waiting for COD to have some DLC for it.the PS4 getting them first which is sad.