Wednesday, June 17, 2015

E3 Chat

  E3 2015 was really good for the most part. Every conference was great except for EA and Nintendo. I'll just go in order and talk about Bethesda first. This was their first conference and they did great. There wasn't as many games as others, but each one was something special from Doom to Fallout 4.  I'm not going to talk a lot about Bethesda since AlbertO already gave a crazy speech in the comments. I do want to say that the female character in Dishonored seemed to be a trend. A lot of these games ,across every conference, seemed to have more female leads. This is a good thing, because video game characters have historically been male dominated. Now I have to talk about Fallout 4. This was clearly the most anticipated game for E3 beside Mass Effect. The difference is that Fallout 4 delivered while Mass Effect didn't. I'm not saying the Mass Effect trailer wasn't good, but it didn't show that much about the game. Fallout 4 definitely showed a lot! It was probably had the most screen time then any other game with two lengthy demos, a trailer, and an appearance at the xbox show. This game delivered and did much more then was expected. The voice and dynamic conversations was something I always wanted from Fallout. I even heard a interview that stated you will be able to have a conversation with multiple people at the same time. The guns seem to work much better but the most impressive was the crafting. Building your own settlements and defending them was always a dream that has never came to be until now. The crafting goes even further with you weapons and armor. Lastly the pip boy upgrade was really needed. You spend a lot of time looking at that so it should be entertaining. Fallout 4 is definitely a candidate for best game at E3.
  Next was the xbox show which also delivered in a big way. They started big with Halo and ended big with Gears of War. This is the type of show everyone needs to copy because they did so good. It was all about the games which is what people care about. It seems everybody learned their lesson because every conference focused on games which is a big relief. I saw a few hits at Sony while watching the show. One was when they enforced that many of their games were coming this year. Sony had many great games but they lacked a 2015 release date, more on that later. Second was the big reveal of backwards compatibility. I immediately knew what they were getting at when they said for free. They said it with such force that it must have been a little nod to Sony's Playstation Now which lets you rent ps3 games for a very high price even if you already have the game. Another hit at Sony was when EA came to the stage to talk about EA access which was something Sony was offered but they denied the program. There were many great games but the stand outs(besides the obvious Gears and Halo) was Recore, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Sea of Thieves. Recore brings a cool concept where the little orbs can be placed in different machines to become your helper. This is a game that I really want to learn more about. Rise of the Tomb Raider looked good like always, and Sea of Thieves reminds me of Black Flag minus the Assassins. This was one of the strongest showings from Xbox yet.
  Then we go from a high point all the way to the lowest point. I'm talking about EA. This show sucked! You know its bad when they show the audience and their all sleeping !!!!!!!! The main problem was that they spent more time talking then showing gameplay. It was great to see Pele there ,but it didn't seem like the time or place for a 30 minute interview with him! At least there were two standouts Unravel, and Battlefront. Unravel looks really unique and fun. I see it being a huge success. Now Battlefront was what everybody was waiting for. They suffered for an hour to see Battlefront and it deliver in a big way. It looks great! Everything from graphics to gameplay was breathtaking. It seemed so smooth and the shooting was well done. Not to mention the goosebumps when Darth Vader and Luke showed up at the end! It was also nice to see Mirror's Edge even if most of it's presentation was people talking about the game. It was great to see Mass Effect even if it wasn't that much. It was more of a: don't worry, were still working on the game type of thing.
  This conference surprised me. I thought it would be bad, but it was actually very enjoyable. Aisha Taylor was a great host that kept things entertaining. Not to mention that everyone of their games were on point. For Honor was a welcome surprise. I thought they were just going to show a CGI trailer but then the live demo came and it blew me away. It such a cool concept and I can't wait to see more. I was worried about The Division, because every gameplay demo has been the same. I was happy when they showed the dark zone where you can't trust anyone. They didn't show much Assassins Creed which was a big surprise. I was expecting a gameplay demo, but I didn't really miss it either. The standouts were Rainbow six Siege which introduced terrohunt, and Ghost recon wildlands which looks very promising. I've never played Ghost Recon, but that trailer made me want to go out and buy a game. It would have been nice to see something on Watch Dogs 2, but I know it will probably be announced at some point.
  I was worried about the playstation show because of their lack of games coming in. It was a welcome surprise to see that they proved me wrong. They still don't have many 2015 games but their support of third party games will accommodate for that. Their future looks great in 2016 with so many good looking games. I have to admit I cried a little when I finally saw the Last Guardian. Its great to finally have a year: 2016. Horizon Zero Down looks very promising and different. I loved that they showed gameplay and that fight agianst the mechanical dinosaur thingy was fun to watch. Street Fighter 5 is an exclusive that was a big win for sony; much like Microsoft's Rise of the Tomb Raider. One of the most impressive games there was No Man's Sky. You could tell that the demo wasn't pre-planed at all which was nice to see. I think everybody's mouths dropped when he zoomed out to show just how big the game is. Media Molecule's Dream was really really strange. It seemed like a very odd concept but its something you can expect from this developer. The last of the exclusive was Uncharted 4. This delivered in a big way. I loved to advancement in combat and destructible environments. It was also nice to see Sully kill someone for once!!! The big surprise came with the drivable vehicle. There was a little mistake at the beginning but at least it showed that it was live gameplay. That was all the exclusives shown all coming in 2016. But the third parties saved the day with a strong showing. These included Hitman, Destiny, Assassins Creed, Final Fantasy, Batman, and the most surprising Call of Duty. Sony's had lack of 2015 games but their vision of the future was great and the third party support is enough to keep them going.

AlbertO already talked about Nintendo and Sqaure Enix in an earlier post. This E3 was truly something special with great games all across the board. Even the worst conferences had at least one big game to show.


  1. Just when You though it was safe..I think Fallout is a game for me,in the past you grab the junk to sell it now you can used it to build something else,so you have to think what to sell or pick a place to keep everything!!!!Bethesda didn't disappoint me.With 2 games I want. Now for EA -its was boring as hell and what the hell with that talking with Pele,its was the wrong time for this,while they should had been talking about games.I when to sleep a few time until my helper text me,thank you!!!There was some great games like Tomb raider,And Battlefield:StarWars a game that everyone was waiting for years,Its finally going to happen.Yahoooo LOL I just hope you didn't miss it because you fall to sleep!!! LOL! I was hoping for maybe a Dead Space game..Ubisoft_surprise me lots of games like Ghost Recon,The Division is looking good. I'm worry when a game stays in development for long time but the video clip they didn't change that much maybe made it better!Assassins Creed need a better video!!! I was hoping for another game maybe something new or something new of a old game.Xbox_had a very good show and had lots of "For the Xbox 1 " games.It was nice to see a new take on Halo and Gears of Wars.I like the game Sea of Thieves which I like in Black Flag!And the backward compatibility is good,but if you keep your old system this isn't needed,just like keeping your old PS system which I get out to play the old stuff!!!!Playstation well I was worry about they had nothing to show!!!!But it nice to be wrong.The most interesting game in my book is Horizon Zero Down !! What cause the fall of the last civilizations ?What about the machines that act like dinosaurs? Hummm Look like a game to look forward too.I was expect to see UC4...They have lots of game that are coming out Hitman, Destiny, Assassins Creed, Final Fantasy, Batman, and the most surprising Call of Duty,Just Cause,Fallout, and few other 3rd party people.COD for the PS4 with DLC coming to the system!!! Humm I wonder what happen they used to be in XBox camp!!! Its was good E3 show this year except for the sleep inducement EA show,I keep on thinking I miss something LOL.I was expecting games showing like for Resident Evil 7!!1 And hoping for they grow up and they announce Silent Hill!!!!!Oh well We have Resident Evil Zero remake!

  2. COD is coming out for us XBox 1 its just going to take a while for DLC. Sony dish out the cash the get COD for their socallaed system PS4,They should had stay with XBox 1.Anyway COD the only and greatest game in history is coming soon get it.