Thursday, February 26, 2015

Better Call Saul Review

                     “The name’s Saul as in s’all good, man!”
   Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad that has come out at an odd time for AMC, a channel criticized for not being able to create new dramas, and stretching out the ones they already have. This is proven through the recently announced The Walking Dead spin-off and Better Call Saul only enforces that criticism. Better Call Saul has already been called a “money grab” and has brought a mixed review of expectations.  Even if it is a money grab, or a stretching out of Breaking Bad, it doesn’t matter because it’s a pretty darn good show. 
 The show premiered on Sunday, February 8 with “Uno” then came back on the next day with “Mijo.” This Monday time slot is here to stay with the next episode being “Nacho.” This review will encompass these first three episodes.
 Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is the dirty lawyer that’s in cahoots with Walter White and his drug business. Saul was a fan favorite, so why not make a Breaking Bad prequel? The show takes place before Breaking Bad with Jimmy McGill (Saul before he changed his name). It will be about how Jimmy becomes Saul in both personality and circumstance. Watching the show is a little sad because we know what type of person Saul becomes. We know he will go down an evil path like Walter White did.  
 Jimmy is living a pathetic life of an underpaid public defender. He lives in the back of a nail salon which also acts as his office. This is both humorous and melancholy.  We soon learn that he has to take care of Chuck. Chuck used to be a part of a big firm, but has to quit due to a phobia of electricity.  His old firm is paying him off with small amounts of money that he doesn’t deserve. Jimmy has to deal with this, but also has to deal with the criminal undertakings he gets dragged into. He starts to partake in unethical ways of gaining money and is uneasy about this, but soon realizes he’s actually pretty good at it. This new found money is used to raise his lawyer business and fight back against the large firm that treated him and Chuck so badly.
 Seeing Jimmy’s mind at work is truly something special. He is a smart yet very awkward character. His schemes are sophisticated yet humorous. You can see remnants of Saul in Jimmy’s personality.  Jimmy McGill makes the show with a great supporting cast. If you liked Breaking Bad, you will love Better Call Saul.
 Better Call Saul’s first season is already better then Breaking Bad. This is because Saul gets right into the plot while it took Breaking Bad a while to get into those nail biting moments. It’s amazing how you can find yourself on the edge of your seat while watching Better Call Saul. It also offers some dark comedy that’s pretty funny. My favorite is Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks) as a parking attendant. Better Call Saul offers everything from action to comedy and it is all put together with amazing camera work and performances from the whole cast.

 Better Call Saul is best when watched after Breaking Bad, but can still be enjoyed by newcomers. It is rated TV-14 and it is on AMC every Monday. 

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